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Donald Carruthers: Do you know what? Urine is good for your skin? My grandmother... I swear to god, my grandmother told me. She said... She didn, 'cause when I used to get a zit or something, she said.
Richard Messner: She pissed on your face?
Donald Carruthers: Get the fuck out of here. Are you fucking nuts?
Richard Messner: What?
Donald Carruthers: She's my grandmother.
Richard Messner: You just told me your grandmother said that piss is good for your skin.

Bill: No, we've been looking to renovate this area of our hotel for some time.

Stanley Locke: Pasquale Acosta. Blood-money mercenary. His countrymen have dubbed him the more dubious "El Estrago" - "The Plague." American educated. Fluent in over a dozen languages. Freelanced for the CIA. Noted for his legendary torture techniques. When he was caught by the SAS in Northern Ireland, in prison he chewed off his fingertips to the bones, so he couldn't be printed or ID'd by Interpol.

Hollis Elmore: You shot me, and you murdered my friends... and you dumped us in the lake.
Darwin Tremor: Pretty much.

Buddy 'Aces' Israel: You're looking at me like, like... I just asked you the fucking square root of something.

Richard Messner: You said someone came up to you as an FBI agent?
Pimply Casino Employee: Yeah?
Richard Messner: And then you saw him get on the elevator wearing a security guard outfit?
Pimply Casino Employee: Yeah?
Richard Messner: And that doesn't seem odd to you?

Buddy 'Aces' Israel: You with me, baby?

Warren: I feel like you're eyeballin' me, dawg! I don't like punk bitches eyeballin' me! You got beef? You got beef? You want some of this?

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