Smokin' Aces

Buddy "Aces" Israel is the illegitimate offspring of Primo Sparazza, who was an undercover fed who seemingly went rogue and was left for dead by the FBI, only to survive due to the mob who sheltered him. The so-called 'Swede' is no assassin but a heart surgeon specialist, sent to do a heart transplant on Primo... with Buddy being the unwilling donnor. Stanley Locke assures a stunned, confused and (naturally) annoyed Richard Messner, that despite the carnage and destruction of what has occured this day, a positive outcome shall occur. Distraught, miffed and still reeling over his partner's messy demise, Rich sneaks into the room housing both father and son, locks himself in and rips out (from their sockets) the plugs belonging to the life-support machines, which had kept both alive. He then slumps down in a chair, brooding as his superiors shatter the glasss to get at him.


Continuity mistake: When Ryan Reynolds is between the two hospital beds, preparing to pull the plugs, there are three wires he grabs to our left (two white and one black). He yanks all of them out (along with another white one to our right) and no plugs remain in the red outlet cover on the wall. But in close ups, as the other agents are banging on the door, we see the lone black wire is still plugged in. (01:40:15)

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Richard Messner: You said someone came up to you as an FBI agent?
Pimply Casino Employee: Yeah?
Richard Messner: And then you saw him get on the elevator wearing a security guard outfit?
Pimply Casino Employee: Yeah?
Richard Messner: And that doesn't seem odd to you?

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