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Corrected entry: When Angel is jumping the fences, you can tell by the way he is jumping that he using something to spring over the fences. (00:28:50)

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Correction: Remember the scene from "Shaun of the Dead" where Shaun used a trampoline to leap over the fence? Angel could have used a trampoline on the third one, where he visibly springs on something in what could possibly be a children's backyard on a mini-trampoline, but we never see what he leaps on. The first two jumps have no indication of aid.

There is a clear indication of aid on the first two as well. The third one is obvious he uses a trampoline.

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Corrected entry: In the closing credits, and in the roll of characters and the corresponding actors there is a repeat. The role of Sergeant Turner played by Bill Bailey is listed twice, once after 'Underage Drinker 3 - Rory Lowings', and again 8 lines down the list after "Simon Skinner - Timothy Dalton'.


Correction: There are two Sergeant Turners. And although they are both played by Bill Bailey, they are two seperate characters as seen near the end of the movie. Therefore it is normal that there would be casting credits for both characters as opposed to just one.

Corrected entry: The explosion at the end of the movie, powerful enough to blow up an entire building would definitely be strong enough to kill everyone inside of that building -- especially Sergeant Angel himself, who is standing no more than ten feet away from the blast, without any form of protective clothing.


Correction: Explosions are capricious about their destruction. People have survived standing right next to them. (Deafened and naked, but still survived.).

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, when Nick is talking with Janine, he points behind her and notes that a window has been broken from the inside. However, when the camera changes, there is no window where he is pointing, and all of the forensics team look in the opposite direction.


Correction: There was only one broken window in the room, he was just pointing in its direction. Four of the forensics turn clockwise, one counter-clockwise and Janine doesn't look. There is more then one way to turn to go look at something.


Corrected entry: As Angel and Butterman are chasing the purple tracksuited biscuit thief, Angel calls out, 'What's up Danny, never taken a shortcut before?'. As Butterman crashes through the first fence panel, you can see the blue crash mat badly hidden under the grass which he lands on.


Correction: You can't see a crashmat at any point. What you see is Danny's blue socks.

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Corrected entry: The late Edward Woodward's character shoots Danny near the end of the movie. He was one of the NWA and therefore compliant in the series of murders. How come he isn't behind bars like the others? He wasn't even featured in the arrest processing sequence.

Correction: This is more a question than a mistake. The answer being that he wasn't hanging around town for the big shootout earlier and everyone forgot about him up in the NWA office.

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Corrected entry: When the farmer sees Angel in the car with his sunglasses, he says "Danny?" rather then Angel or Nicholas.


Correction: Of course he does. Angel is driving Danny's car, so, as he can't see the driver clearly, he initially assumes that it must be Danny driving it, hence saying the name. It's only after that that he realises that it's actually Angel in the car, at which point he runs to his car to radio for help.

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Corrected entry: During the fence jumping scene as Nicholas Angel is chasing the shoplifter, the first two fences you see his head after he jumps them. But on the last few fences, his head disappears well below the top of the fence.

Correction: Which could easily happen if there is a slope going toward the last few fences. Also, it could happen if he's getting tired (after vaulting fences it does get tiring) and flexes his knees more on landing than the initial fences.


Corrected entry: When Nick Frost and Simon Pegg fire the shotguns during the shootout at the end, the rounds cause a large hole in the people they hit. Shotguns fire lots of small lead balls, which spread over a large distance, so at the distance at which they shoot, wouldn't cause this large hole.

Correction: Shotguns can be loaded with solid slugs as well as shot pellets. A slug from a shotgun would leave a single big hole.

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Corrected entry: After the gunfight in the pub, Denny is shown with a single barrel shotgun in his hands (close up) and a round of ammunition to load in it. A second later when the shotgun gets racked, the hand is wearing a glove when it wasn't before. (01:41:05)

Ian Hunt

Correction: It's not Denny's hand that is racking the shotgun, it is one of the other officers.

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Corrected entry: When Nick Frost fires his gun into the air rather than at his father, he fires until the gun is empty and continues to pull the trigger. However, the slide never locked back, as a real empty firearm would.

Correction: Actually, the slide does lock back. He keeps firing and the gun isn't emptied until the weapon is no longer in the shot (so you can't see the slide lock back). When they switch to the wide shot and Danny gets up, you can see that the slide has in fact locked back, signaling the gun is empty, just as it should.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nicholas and Danny are talking in the pub, Nicholas says that he missed his father's funeral. Later on in the film, his father comes in on the gunfight. You can tell that he is his father because he says, "Nicholas, my son."

Correction: Try actually paying attention when you watch a film. (1) Nicholas says that he missed his girlfriend's father's funeral, not his own father's, (2) they're at Danny's house when he says it, not in the pub, and (3) the person addressing Angel during the gunfight is the town's vicar, a profession that would often use "my son" or "my daughter" as a term of address, in much the same way as they are often addressed informally as "father" - it's a term implying affection and respect and bears no connotations of a familial relationship in this context.

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Corrected entry: After Danny Butterman gets shot, he's lying on the floor, and soon after the mine detonates and the Police station explodes. When Nick goes to find Danny, he finds him on top of brick rubble, which would be impossible, as he was on the floor, and should be under the brick rubble.

Correction: It's entirely possible that during the explosion he was lifted off the floor, got tumbled around and ended up on top of the bricks.

Corrected entry: When Danny and Nick stop to pick up the swan, Nick opens the passenger door and you can hear the bonging noise of the door open alarm. Its the only time we hear it when it should in fact be constant, because the drivers door is missing, and the car would interpret that as the door being open.

Correction: Given that the driver's door was torn off, it's entirely possible that the sensor was damaged in some fashion and thus the alarm did not go off.

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Corrected entry: When Danny and Nicholas are at the scene of the traffic collision, James Reaper arrives, says "Nasty way to go" and leaves. Danny and Nicholas then discuss the proper terminology and another car briefly appears to the right of the screen. There is then a cut to Simon Skinner's Jaguar convertible, definitely not the car we saw before.

Correction: There was a steady procession of cars driving past the accident scene. Not all the cars stopped to talk to the officers. Reaper stops to talk, then a couple of cars go through the scene, then Skinner shows up in the Jag. No mistake here.

Corrected entry: When the "37 year old underage drinker" is in the bar and being told to leave by Nicholas, he has no visible marks on his face. Later in the police station, he has cuts on his face.

Correction: There's a gap in time between the pub and the police station. more than enough time for anything to have happened on the way to the police station, including a scuffle with the other detainees, or even other police.

Corrected entry: Simon Skinners gloves disappear when he is going to be arrested. (01:07:00)

Correction: Skinner is not wearing gloves at all throughout the scene.

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Corrected entry: Outside the flower shop when Sergeant Angel first sees the hooded person, he throws his baton at the window breaking the glass. We then see Sergeant Angel jumping through the same window breaking the glass yet again.

Correction: Quite right that Nicholas throws his baton at the pane of glass, but only part of the glass actually shatters. When he runs through he breaks the rest of the pane. If necessary, view it in slow motion.

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Corrected entry: When Nicholas is at the firing range after he shoots down the six figures it goes to a larger view and the figures are standing again.

Correction: It can be seen in the first shot of the booth as Nicholas and Danny approach it that there are two of the figure boxes visible, one in the centre, one on the right, with what appears to be the frame of a third box on the left behind the doctor. The box seen with the standing figures immediately after Nicholas shoots is on the left hand side of the booth (the one previously obscured), while, from where the doctor is looking, Nicholas shot at the central box.

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Corrected entry: In the car chase towards the end of the film the police car in the village gets its driver door smashed off. Later on in the same chase scene, the car door comes and goes.

Correction: The driver's side door is hit by Frank's car and stays off during the rest of the chase. Danny's side of the car is hardly ever shown and when it is, the door is missing.

Continuity mistake: Nick's character is eating an ice cream in the police car and eats the whole thing. When the shot changes to Simon's side, he's still got about half of it left.

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DS Andy Wainwright: You do know there are more guns in the country than there are in the city.
DS Andy Cartwright: Everyone and their mums is packin' round here!
Nicholas Angel: Like who?
DS Andy Wainwright: Farmers.
Nicholas Angel: Who else?
DS Andy Cartwright: Farmers' mums.

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Trivia: In the scene at the supermarket, Danny is looking at a selection of DVDs, but when he puts it down to chase the thief, in the bin you can see the DVD named "Zombies Party" which is the Spanish version of Shaun of the Dead.

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