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There are many things that I would regard Hot Fuzz as: My favourite comedy movie of all time, my favourite action/comedy of all time, my favourite cop movie, my favourite Edgar Wright movie and my favourite spoof movie.

I think I have watched this movie over ten times by now and it feels fresh with every single rewatch. Just about every time I watch this movie, I notice something new I had not seen in an earlier watch. There is not a single joke that falls flat, they land every single time. And has one of the best third acts of all time.

I have always loved how the movie is directed to appear as a gritty cop movie, and how random everyday occurrences are edited to look like an action sequence, and the mystery is genuinely engaging. Not to be overlooked is Simon Pegg’s performance, he acts like a tough policeman, but makes the character likeable and relatable. Nick Frost is funny as his partner, and the supporting cast is great as well.

This movie manages to simultaneously feel like a gritty cop movie, but always manages to maintain its light hearted comedic feel so that it can work as a comedy, a mystery, an cop action movie and a spoof movie all in one.

Casual Person

Very good film, plenty of action from start to finish. the joke about the phone signal is so very true in that area of the country.


Continuity mistake: Nick's character is eating an ice cream in the police car and eats the whole thing. When the shot changes to Simon's side, he's still got about half of it left.

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Nicholas Angel: What's the situation?
DS Andy Wainwright: Two blokes and a fuck-load of cutlery!

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Trivia: In the scene at the supermarket, Danny is looking at a selection of DVDs, but when he puts it down to chase the thief, in the bin you can see the DVD named "Zombies Party" which is the Spanish version of Shaun of the Dead.

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