Hoosiers (1986)

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Continuity mistake: In the first act, two of the seven Hoosiers leave the team after Hackman takes over as coach. Shortly after, one of the players reluctantly returns, bringing the total to six. The seventh member, "Buddy," is never shown returning, yet halfway through the film you start seeing him again in the games.

Factual error: As the team begins the Indiana state tourney (always held in March) the team bus is shown driving by fields of corn. No corn in Indiana at this time of year. The crop is harvested before the season starts.

Factual error: During most of the basketball games, you can see an American flag in the background. This is not the problem, the problem is that it is hung wrong, the stars should always be on the top LEFT not RIGHT.

Continuity mistake: After the two boys leave the team at the beginning of the film, Gene Hackman has the boys doing a passing drill with six guys. The problem is that there were only five guys on the team.

Revealing mistake: In this film, you can see where the present-day lines on the basketball court have been sanded off and "50's" style lines added.


Factual error: When Dennis Hopper's 'Shooter' character is drying out in hospital, he points to a little green Philco radio on his bedside. This is a Philco model 53-561 (from 1953), succeeding the film's 1951 setting.

Continuity mistake: During the game against the Wildcats (the orange team) the incorrect score is often seen in the background. For example, the score changes from 50-51 to 36-36. This happens several times throughout the game.

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