Hoosiers (1986)

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The state championship game is tied at 40, and Coach Dale calls a timeout. He designs a play for Merle to take the last shot, but as the timeout ends, the players refuse to leave the huddle. Jimmy finally says, "I'll make it." Coach Dale then redraws the play for Jimmy to take the last shot, which is what the team wanted all along. He makes it, and everyone cheers, including Shooter, who jumps up and down on his hospital bed. The movie ends with a little kid shooting in the empty Hickory gym, with a voiceover of some of Coach Dale's comments throughout the season, as the camera zooms in on the team picture from the championship season.


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As the team begins the Indiana state tourney (always held in March) the team bus is shown driving by fields of corn. No corn in Indiana at this time of year. The crop is harvested before the season starts.



Near the end of the film in the locker room prior to the championship game, Coach Dale makes reference to the players on the other team whose names are written on a chalkboard. If you look closely at the list of names, you'll see that they are the last names of the actors that portray the Hickory players (Poole, Schenk, Boyle, etc).