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Correction: He's in shock because a fairy is pulling him and he doesn't really believe in fairies. When you're in shock you tend to just look straight ahead at nothing so he didn't have to be looking at tinker bell.

Corrected entry: In the scenes where Jack's gold watch is shown, the time changes between shots.

Correction: In NeverNeverland, time goes backwards and at a variable pace, so although this probably was a mistake it could be perfectly normal.

Corrected entry: Tinkerbell takes Peter to Neverland when he is a baby. Peter gets older because he leaves Neverland every spring, thus growing while he's away. How come he stopped growing after meeting Wendy?

Correction: Everyone grows in Neverland, but the young at heart never 'grow-up'. Peter grows up into late childhood but never exceeds it. All the 'children stay at that last stage indefinitely.

Corrected entry: Peter goes to make battle with Hook and the pirates. To introduce himself he makes a cut in the sail, cutting his own image out. Smee goes to pick up the cut piece. You can see that there are holes to make arms. We never see Peter do this.

Correction: Yes it is true that we don't see Peter cut arm holes. However, we actually only see Peter make two cuts in the sail before the shot goes to everyone looking up. There is much cutting noise after that we can't see.

Corrected entry: When Peter cuts the boat's sail in the shape of Peter himself before the lost boy's intrusion, and Smith picks it up, it's perfectly cut. However, when Peter flies through the hole, the cut sail has no feet.

Correction: The piece was cut out in the shape of Peter Pan. The part of sail that was between his legs is hanging on the other side of the sail. Gravity is to blame.

Corrected entry: Even though HOOK is not an official remake of the Peter Pan movie, what happened to the "Indians" that were present in Never-Never-Land, especially since almost everything else is included.

Correction: The Indians are indeed mentioned, by both Smee and Captain Hook, in the movie. Smee suggests that the captain go hunt Indians, and Hook replies that he is sick of killing Indians and Lost Boys, and he wants a real battle (with Peter Pan).

Corrected entry: There are mermaids in the film that help Peter breathe under water, obviously doing a good deed to him. But in the book, mermaids were "evil" creatures that tried to drown inhabitants of the island.

Correction: But it also says in the book that Peter is the only person on the island that the mermaids like. He sits on the rocks and talks to them sometimes.

Corrected entry: When Smee lifts Peter's shirt up to reveal the part where Hook cut him in the past, Peter says, "It's from my appendix." Your appendix is on your right side; this cut was on Peter's left.

Correction: Peter may not have known that, and if he had always been told his scar came from an appendectomy, he would have had no reason to question it.


Corrected entry: Peter Pan is trying to free his children from Captain Hook, but is captured and tied up. After a few minutes, he falls into the sea; but is then saved by three Mermaids. Watch the last Mermaid with green hair, when she is swimming towards him. You can see a diver trying to get out of the shot. (00:48:25)

Correction: The only thing that resembles this is the last mermaid's fin along with the second mermaid's hand, which together look like what is described.


The original poster was correct; a diver can, in fact, be seen in the shot of the Green Mermaid swimming towards Peter. If you look at the foliage behind her you'll see the diver's 2 hands rapidly flailing in an effort to swim backwards out of the shot. Also, as the mermaid is kissing Peter you can see a quick glimpse of the diver's mask and equipment.

Continuity mistake: When Smee gives Hook his nightcap drink, Hook takes it in his hand and holds it at the top of the goblet so that it is hidden under his hand. But in the very next shot he is holding it by the handle and the whole goblet is now visible with a small black umbrella sticking out the top. Additionally, the position of the small umbrella that sits in the goblet changes a few times. (01:02:40)

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[Toodles is searching under a cabinet.]
Toodles: Lost, lost, lost.
Peter: Lost what, Toodles?
Toodles: I've lost my marbles.
Peter: [To himself] OK.

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Trivia: The name 'Wendy' was popularised for girls by the play of Peter Pan - JM Barrie adapted it from the way a neighbour's daughter mispronounced "friend." However, prior to PP, Wendy was a unisex nickname for both Gwendolyn and Wendell, also a name in its own right to a limited degree. More info here: http://www.wendy.com/wendyweb/history.html.

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Question: Is the food fight scene completely imaginary, or are the Lost Boys actually able to will food into existence by imagining it? I always thought it was the latter growing up and we as the audience didn't see it until Peter, as the audience's proxy, saw it for himself, but any YouTube videos I watch about this movie all seem to think all the food was just in everyone's collective imaginations.

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Answer: Neverland very much runs on "If you believe, it will happen" which is what Tink means during the meal when she says "If you don't imagine yourself as Peter Pan you won't be Peter Pan." So by the rules of Neverland, as soon as Peter believed it was real it was then real. The dinner was trying to teach him to believe as, in Neverland, if you don't believe it then it won't happen.

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