Corrected entry: In the bank robbery getaway scene after the driver is shot the Lincoln hits a car in front at a high rate of speed. His head hits the steering wheel. This could not happen as the airbag would have been deployed. Airbags are standard equipment on the Lincoln Towncar.

Correction: It's not that fast, besides, as thorough as De Niro is, he would have disconnected the airbag in case they had to make a fast getaway, and bend some fenders in order to do so.


Corrected entry: When De Niro, Sizemore, and Kilmer are trying to get away from the police after their bank robbery in downtown LA, the tires of their car get shot out by Sgt. Drucker. He uses a 12 gauge shotgun. If you take into account the distance between Sgt. Drucker and the car (there's a cutscene) and how the pellets of a 12 gauge shell disperse after discharge, it is nearly impossible to shoot out a tire of a car like it's done in the movie.

Correction: Sgt. Drucker is not the only one firing at the car at that time - there are dozens of cops, on both sides of the street, at many different distances, using many different weapons. There's so much lead flying it's impossible to identify who holed the tires.

Phil C.

Given that we see the tire explode immediately after Drucker fires, it's clear the audience is supposed to take away that Drucker was the one who shot it out. The mistake entry is valid.

Revealing mistake: In the gun battle following the bank robbery, Drucker fires his shotgun at Cherrito. A female pedestrian in the background (apparently unaware she's in the shot) can be seen acting casually, without any reaction to the gun battle taking place.

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Alan Marciano: Why'd I get mixed up with that bitch?
Vincent Hanna: Cause she's got a great ass. And you got your head...all the way up it.
Alan Marciano: Jesus!
Vincent Hanna: Ferocious, aren't I? When I think of asses...a woman's ass...something comes out of me.

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Trivia: Just after the scene when Waingro escapes being killed, there's a shot of De Niro looking at the sea through the glass with his left arm touching a window frame, and his automatic gun on a little table. This shot is inspired by the picture "Pacific" (1967) made by the Canadian artist Alex Colville.

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Question: In the scene right before the big bank heist, a detective comes into the situation room informing the team that a CI Hugh Benny had a tip about Neil McCauley looking at Far East National Bank. How the heck did Waingro (working for Benny and VanZandt) even know about this score? McCauley hadn't even discussed it with Kelso when Waingro took down the armored car.

Answer: Waingro helped Van Zandt track down Trejo. Waingro then tortured Trejo and threatened his family if he didn't give up McCauley. With his back to the wall, Trejo gave Waingro and Hugh Benny the details of the bank heist, but Waingro killed Trejo's family anyway and beat Trejo almost to death. Benny then gives the tip to the police on Van Zandt's order.


I wonder how Trejo was tracked, I don't remember his name being revealed during Waingro's time with the crew, or any other information.

Well, we never see the crew prior to their first heist. Trejo could have given Waingro his name during the planning of that heist.


Waingro met this crew only once. How would he know who Trejo is or where he lives? Right before the heist, Trejo is asked to mislead police away from the heist.

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