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Trivia: Michael Myers' mask is a Captain Kirk mask turned inside out, then painted white with ruffled hair and a few other tweaks.

Trivia: Up until The Blair Witch Project (1999), Halloween was the highest grossing independent movie ever made. It was made with a tiny budget of $325,000, but made $47,000,000 at the box office.

Trivia: When they were shooting the scenes for the start of the film (all the ones seen from Michael's POV) they couldn't get the 6-year old child actor until the last day so the movie's producer, Debra Hill, volunteered to be Michael for any scenes where his hands come into view. This is why the nails on young Michael's hands look so well manicured and varnished.

Trivia: The budget for Halloween was so small, most of the cast had to wear their own clothes. Jamie Lee Curtis bought Laurie Strode's wardrobe herself at JCPenney for a hundred dollars.

Trivia: John Carpenter provides the voice of Annie's boyfriend, Paul, whom we hear on the phone talking to Annie.

Trivia: John Carpenter and Nick Castle were school chums, and upon shooting Halloween, when Castle visited Carpenter, he was originally only going to hang around the set. Carpenter saw that Castle had the right proportions for Michael Myers, and said "Well since you're going to be here, why don't you do something? Here, put on the mask and you can be the killer."

Trivia: In addition to being an old film-school pal of John Carpenter's, Michael Myers actor Nick Castle is ironically enough also quite well-known for several more family-friendly projects that serve as a stark contrast to "Halloween." He's also a filmmaker who co-wrote several films including Steven Spielberg's "Hook" and the uplifting drama "August Rush", in addition to directing the 80's classic "The Last Starfighter."

Trivia: Donald Pleasance's character is named Sam Loomis. If you've seen Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960), this sounds very familiar because John Gavin, who played Janet Leigh's lover in the movie, was also named Sam Loomis.

Trivia: When Lynda almost trips/stumbles on the floor after her phone call with Laurie, she trips over the dolly track. They revealed this fact on the director's commentary. (01:01:50)

Trivia: This is just an observation but almost everyone Michael Myers kills (or tries to kill) sings to themselves when they are alone - maybe that just really annoyed him or something.

Trivia: Laurie's final line is often misquoted as "Was that the boogeyman?" The actual line is "It was the boogeyman."

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Trivia: The original Myers house was relocated in the 1980's to avoid demolition, and is currently being used as office rental space. The owners reportedly have no problem with people taking photos outside, but have had to occasionally put up signs politely but firmly asking people not to bother the tenants or approach the porch unless you are a renter there. Evidently overzealous movie fans have caused some annoyances for them over the years.


Continuity mistake: When Annie and Laurie leave the hardware store to go to their babysitting jobs it is broad daylight. When they reach the houses apparently just a few blocks away, it is already dark.

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Tommy: It's the boogeyman! The boogeyman's outside.
Laurie: Oh, Tommy, stop it! You're scaring Lindsey. There's nobody out there. Now, if you don't stop this I'm going to have to turn the TV off and send you to bed.
Tommy: Nobody believes me.
Lindsey: I believe you, Tommy.

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Question: Where did all of the kids' parents go that required babysitters for the entire night? Seems like a small town such as Haddonfield would not have many options.

Answer: There are only two families that hire babysitters in the film, the Doyle and Wallace families. Where they went is never explained, but it could be potentially anywhere. They could have gone on a trip out of town for the night, they don't have to be in Haddonfield.


Where did it state this was all night? It could have been a few hours. Remember that in the next one, it is still the same night and stays night through the entire movie.

Answer: Annual Halloween party as evidenced in the following instalment. Dr Mixtner was drunk and was at a party. The Strodes were also at a party, the same one if I recall correctly as the doctor.

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Also we only SEE two families have babysitters. Other families could have had babysitters. We just don't see this. (I'm not sure if this adds anything additionally to the question asked, tho).

Alan Keddie

And why did Laurie's parents not come to the hospital? Did they not know she was there, even after the news release about the attack?

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