Hackers (1995)

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Plot hole: To play a practical joke on Dade Murphy and other new students, they are told, "There's a pool on the roof." The victims accordingly go there and are trapped by the roof access door being one-way until – we don't see how or who frees them (Janitor? The least-mean of the prankers?). How do the new guys get onto the roof in the first place? I should think that the aforementioned access door would be locked to prevent it.


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Suggested correction: Compared to half the mischief they cause, picking a lock is easy. I, myself, learned how to jimmy my middle school's door locks with my student ID and accordingly let myself in, and even did so in the sight of other students. It's only because I lacked their level of will for mayhem, their imagination for excuses, and, more importantly, their level of powerful parents to perform legal rescue, that I stopped doing so before the teachers got suspicious.


Suggested correction: This is in the form of a question. You can assume they lock the roof door, but they don't have to. Or, the person tricking them has unlocked the door for the prank. Or, they picked the lock. Plenty of possibilities, I'd say.


Plot hole: When they are on the subway train, they are talking about the worm and the virus. They said that everything would happen on the 14th. A couple of scenes later, when they are setting up for the traffic lights to go crazy at 9:00, Dade looks at his watch. You can see the date as 10-18, which is 4 days afterwards. (01:17:15 - 01:22:50)

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English Teacher: Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night.
Dade Murphy: Ginsberg.
English Teacher: Nice, very nice.

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Trivia: Laurence Mason's character Lord Nikon was given the name because of his photographic memory.


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Question: Why is Kate Libby doing administrative work for the school, such as handling transfer forms?

Answer: Some schools have been known to get students to do some administrative work for them as work experience.


Answer: When I was in Jr. High even (6th-8th grade) they had classes titled "Office Aid" and all you did was literally help out the secretary's when they need it, otherwise you just sit on your ass and talk to people as they come in and out of the office. Or if you had a superior who was awesome, like I did, (the vice principal for my last name was basically on a first name basis with me haha) they would let you pretty much just roam the halls and walk around all you want as long as you don't have any teachers get mad at you for anything. It was definitely a very sought after class when I was in school.

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