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Corrected entry: In the meeting with all the head honchos at the oil company, where they first see the DaVinci message, DaVinci asks for 5 million dollars, but during the rest of the movie it's 25 million dollars.


Correction: The 25 is the amount the worm has stolen.

Corrected entry: Nikon has photographic memory and has read the article on Dade Murphy/Zero Cool, as stated by him recalling the date. Yet late in the movie when Dade reveals that he was Zero Cool, everyone including Nikon seems surprised.

Correction: Nikon's surprise can be attributed in his next line. "I thought you was black." Dade's photo was likely not released as he was a minor and his parents just didn't want to deal with it.

Corrected entry: When Dade, Freak and Cereal killer go to Lord Nikon's Place and are watching TV, they begin by watching a news report about Richard Gill. Watch the report, it is the same scene from when after they bust Joey, which has not happened yet. In the background Joey is being taken down the stairs, with his mother behind and the computer boxes, also the dialog is exactly the same.

Correction: Since it is physically impossible to show two scenes at once, the director obviously had to show them separate. It was meant to show you where the guys were during Joey's bust, and why they didn't know about it right away (Razor and Blade interrupted the transmission). The entire scene is then shown to show you what they missed while watching "Hack the Planet".


Corrected entry: This mistake takes place when Dade is chilling with Cereal, Phreak, and Nikon watching TV. Some reporter is interviewing Agent Gill, and if you look over his one shoulder, you can see Joey being taking away for hacking into The Gibson. How can this be on air when Joey gets busted the next day? (00:31:10 - 00:32:30)

Correction: There's no indication in the movie that Joey's arrest is the next day; it looks like the arrest is going on while Phreak, Cereal, Dade, and Nikon are watching the telecast.

Corrected entry: How does Dade's mother know Cereal Killer's name? Dade doesn't exactly strike me as the kind of son who tells his mom all about his friends and what they did that day. Cereal doesn't introduce himself to Dade's mother when he goes into their apartment, but when Dade's mother pokes her head into his room and tells Kate to help herself to anything in the fridge, she knows Cereal's name.

Correction: She knows Cereal's name because she asked him. Cereal is out going through their fridge as Kate and Dade are talking. So before Dade's mother went to Dade's room she bumped into Cereal at the fridge and the polite thing to do when a strange kid is eating your food is to at least ask him what his name is.


Corrected entry: When the "Hackers" are in the station trying to throw off the police, they tape the receivers of the phones together to stop them from tracing the call. The only thing is that they taped the ear piece of one to the ear piece of the other. That wouldn't work - it would have to be the ear piece to the mouth piece.

Correction: The phones are linked with modem link up cables, that transfer the data.

Corrected entry: When Acid Burn is talking to Crash Overide about her laptop she says "It has a P6 chip - thats 3 times faster than a Pentium". (P6 was the FIRST and slowest pentium) and he says "it has PCI bus" (on a slimline notepad?) it's got PCMCIA probably.

Correction: The P6 WAS 3 times faster than a Pentium is accurate - the P6 was the Pentium Pro, one step up from a Pentium, designed mainly for servers and the like - similar to a Xeon nowadays. The PCI bus reference is also correct - while notebooks don't use PCI expansion slots, all modern computers use a PCI bus, which refers to the internal logic architecture of the computer.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film when Dade holds the umbrella up in the school hallway to shelter himself from the sprinklers, his hand on the umbrella's handle changes occasionally when Kate walks up to him. (00:18:45)


Correction: In the "fire alarm" scene, the umbrella is constantly in Dade's right hand. He looks at the watch on his left wrist multiple times. Even in the close-up shot of Kate, when we can only see Dade's hand, you can still see that his thumb is towards the left, meaning the umbrella is in his right hand.

Corrected entry: Dade's new house at the beginning is a basement flat, as you see him walk up the steps onto the street near the start. However, inside the house, if you look out of the window during the scenes, the house is clearly above the ground and/or several stories up. (00:08:30 - 00:10:20)

Correction: Yes we do see Dade walking up steps to leave his house, giving the impressio it is a basement house. Yet it is also clear the building is multi story, so maybe it is the only entrance to the building. Also when Burn and Serial Killer arrive it looks as if they have walked up steps, by the shot looking through the door.

Corrected entry: All of the hackers in the movie - including Acid Burn - are seen using Apple computers, but when they sit down to see Acid Burn's new laptop, they make reference to it being a Pentium variant [P6] chip. Apple does not use Intel processors. (00:50:35)

Correction: They say "Triple the speed of a Pentium", i.e. it's better than a Pentium, and isn't one itself.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kate has the big party at her house, after someone gives Dade a bottle to drink from, he moves toward the back of the house to see Nikon. He walks backwards saying "Big man, big boots, you look good girl. Lay it out," but his mouth doesn't move at all.

Correction: Dade is not onscreen when that audio is heard. And it's not even Dade's voice, it is Cereal Killer's.


Continuity mistake: Near the middle of the film when Joey gets arrested and is being walked down the stairs outside. If you look in the front halfway down the stairs you can see a guy holding a brown box, but when the camera cuts to a face shot of the black man in front of the camera the man holding the box has disappeared, but he should still be visible because he was only half way down the stairs. (00:31:55)


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Kate Libby: I hope you don't screw like you type.

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Trivia: Emmanuel "Cereal Killer" Goldstein is named after Eric Emmanual Goldstein Corley, editor of 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly.

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Question: Why is Kate Libby doing administrative work for the school, such as handling transfer forms?

Answer: Some schools have been known to get students to do some administrative work for them as work experience.


Answer: When I was in Jr. High even (6th-8th grade) they had classes titled "Office Aid" and all you did was literally help out the secretary's when they need it, otherwise you just sit on your ass and talk to people as they come in and out of the office. Or if you had a superior who was awesome, like I did, (the vice principal for my last name was basically on a first name basis with me haha) they would let you pretty much just roam the halls and walk around all you want as long as you don't have any teachers get mad at you for anything. It was definitely a very sought after class when I was in school.

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