Continuity mistake: When Plague first goes to visit Dade, Plague asks the agents to leave, and as he is closing the door there is no blue jacket hanging up on the door, but when the camera cuts to a shot of the door, a blue jacket has appeared.

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Continuity mistake: Near the middle of the film when Joey gets arrested and is being walked down the stairs outside. If you look in the front halfway down the stairs you can see a guy holding a brown box, but when the camera cuts to a face shot of the black man in front of the camera the man holding the box has disappeared, but he should still be visible because he was only half way down the stairs.



Continuity mistake: Before Dade is about to give Fisher StevenĀ“s character a disk, when he was waiting there is a small water pool on the left side. Dade keeps switching places but in the last change the water suddenly shrinks and becomes about 1/4 size of the original.


Continuity mistake: In the scene after Dade has beaten Kate at the computer game, you see a close up of Kate kissing Curtis whilst sitting on a motorbike. In the background Dade and Phreak walk out of the building and stand on the pavement, and Joey walks up to them and stops. The shot then changes to show Dade and Phreak standing on the pavement, and Joey walks up to them again.


Continuity mistake: When The Plague enters the main server room and rolls up on his skateboard to the guy in the blue shirt and shades, this guy has his right hand up by his mouth, then when it cuts to the back, his left hand is up by his mouth.



Continuity mistake: Just after Joey, Dade, Nikon and Kate finish copying the garbage file onto a disc, Dade reaches inside the booth to grab it. When the camera cuts to the disc, you can see that it is Kate's hand that's grabbing it, not Dade's. You can see a thin black bracelet, long fingernails that are painted white, and a thin silver ring on her thumb.

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Continuity mistake: When Dade is in the cyberdelia place, and he has just beaten Kate, the score smashes up the previous scores, but if you watch and listen closely, there a lot more bangs than there are names, from the previous shot.



Continuity mistake: Just after Dade got Kate back with the sprinkler prank, they are in English class, and the red briefcase on the table changes position between shots.



Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Dade has hacked into the TV network, in one particular shot if you look in the background, you see his 18 today birthday card, note the distance between the card and the TV, then when Dade switches on the TV to watch it, the card has now moved and is standing next to the TV.



Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when Dade is on the phone with a security guy of the TV network. In one shot we see that the guys wristwatch is above his shirt then hiding underneath it, it is like this for several shots.



Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when The Pheak introduces himself to Dade, Joey runs up and says "I need a handle." In this shot we see Joey just put his hand/fingers at the front of The Phreak's shoulder then in the following shot Joey has his whole hand on his shoulder.



Continuity mistake: When The Plague is in his place, and the woman walks up to The Plague, his cigarette is in his left hand when he is zipping up the woman's dress, then it suddenly appears in his mouth, without him putting it there.



Continuity mistake: When Joey gives the disk to Phreak, he puts his hands down while Phreak still has his hand up. The shot cuts to the surveillance agents and Phreak's hands are both down.



Continuity mistake: After Dade and Kate go into the bet, Dade is seen writing notes and passwords on his notebook with a pencil. In the close-up, you can see everything he'd written down is in blue ink.

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