The Great Race

Audio problem: In the beach scene near the beginning, Leslie Special comes to a screeching halt in front of Leslie's tent on a bed of sand. Can't burn rubber there.

Factual error: When the race starts, the people are waving American flags with 48 stars: 6 rows of 8 stars each. However, in 1908, when the race took place, there were only 46 states.


Audio problem: Throughout the pie fight and more noticeable in the first minute of it, when it's relatively quiet, the production photographer's motorized camera can be heard just before and after each pie is thrown.

Continuity mistake: As the bakers assist the Prince to get out of the cake he's fallen into, the General begins to descend the stairs to the kitchen. Yet the general is not seen again until just before the Prince hits him with a pie.

Max: Rise and shine, Professor.
Professor Fate: You rise! You shine.

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Trivia: Natalie Wood attempted suicide during the making of The Great Race.

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