The Great Race

Revealing mistake: When Leslie is fighting the soldiers, one soldier hits a second soldier with his rifle. The rifle can be seen to bend around the soldier's body and then straighten again.


Revealing mistake: In the shot of Prof Fate evading the Indians while heading into Boracho, the long view shots show his "smoke screen" encompassing the car. In the close ups (obvious blue screen type shot) there is no smoke in the car.

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Revealing mistake: As the Leslie Special nears Paris, shots of Natalie Wood in the passenger seat show no wind effects. The shots are rear projected and there is no motion in her hair or hat. Later in Paris her hat has changed and now blows in the wind.

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Revealing mistake: During a bar fight about 50 minutes through the film, loads of punches can be seen to miss their target. However the recipients always react as if they're hit.

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A Demon
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