Great Expectations

Plot hole: At the beginning of the film Lustig suddenly emerges from the water right in front of Finn. It's not possible that he could have been hiding in the shallow water without Finn noticing him.



Plot hole: How on earth did Lustig's killer get on the subway, when the three guys who were after him couldn't?



Plot hole: Before Lustig dies he gives back Finn's scrapbook that got lost during their first encounter. In that scene there is no evidence that Lustig gets hold of the book, and the only explanation would be that Lustig picked up the stranded scrapbook later. This looks quite far-fetched to me, especially since Lustig was hiding in the dunes, and the scrapbook looked way to good to have spent a long time in the water.



Plot hole: When Estella comes into Finn's hotel room while he is sleeping she uses a hotel key. This key should have been with Finn as he was in his room, and his explanation for her her being allowed in - lax security - doesn't close this plot hole.



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In most shots in the hotel room the houses you can see through the windows are quite far away, like across a wide street. Only in one shot, when Estella stands nude in front of the window, there is suddenly a window only a few meters away, through which one can see an Indian woman with her daughter, surprisingly unaware of the naked Estella.



Of all the characters, only Estella's name appeared in both the film and the original novel. All other characters had different names in the loosely-adapted film version.