Great Expectations

After his opening,Finn goes to find Estella(that didn't show up),but instead of Estella,he finds Miss Dinsmoor who tells him that Estella married Walter.He leaves broken hearted and back at his apartment finds Arthur Lusting(Who didn't die afterall).Finn tries helping him get rid of some gangsters but Arthur is stabbed and dies in his arms,telling him he was his benefactor and that he bought all his paintings.A few years later, Finn comes back to Florida and while visiting Paradiso Perduto (which is now a ruin waiting to be demolished;Miss dinsmoor died and was discovered after a month in her mansion) sees Estella daughter.He runs after her and finds Estella.She tells him that she had been thinking of him and asks him to forgive her.He asks her if she does't know him and then takes her by the hand.The movie ends with the two of them holding hands and looking at the ocean.


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In most shots in the hotel room the houses you can see through the windows are quite far away, like across a wide street. Only in one shot, when Estella stands nude in front of the window, there is suddenly a window only a few meters away, through which one can see an Indian woman with her daughter, surprisingly unaware of the naked Estella.



Of all the characters, only Estella's name appeared in both the film and the original novel. All other characters had different names in the loosely-adapted film version.