Great Expectations

A poor boy from Florida, Finn Bell helps a convict,Arthur Lusting,run from the police.A few days later the convict gets back in prison and it's waiting for his execution.Finn then forgets about Arthur as he becomes some kind of entertainer for the richest lady in the county,Miss Dinsmoor and her niece,beautiful Estella.As the years pass,he falls in love with her, but the girl acts ambiguous.After she leaves to study abroad, he forgets about all his dreams.But then he's offered a new chance.An unknown benefactor (whom finn suspects to be Miss Dinsmoor) offers him all the means necessary to have an art exhibiton in New York.He leaves to New York, where he stumbles into Estella,realising that he still loves her.But the girl has a boyfriend,although they seem to be perfect for each other.When one night he runs after her and takes her back to his apartment,everything seems to be clear.


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In most shots in the hotel room the houses you can see through the windows are quite far away, like across a wide street. Only in one shot, when Estella stands nude in front of the window, there is suddenly a window only a few meters away, through which one can see an Indian woman with her daughter, surprisingly unaware of the naked Estella.



Of all the characters, only Estella's name appeared in both the film and the original novel. All other characters had different names in the loosely-adapted film version.