The Goonies

Visible crew/equipment: In the shot of Mama Fratelli waiting outside for Jake in the ORV, you can see the reflection of some film equipment in the small triangle window next to her. (00:01:30)

Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene of the cop calling out the inmates for their lunch, just as he calls "Hey Turkey." you can see the shadow of the supposedly hanged Jake Fratelli on the right wall. The shadow is totally inconsistent with the design of the cell and position Jake was hanging in. (00:00:45)

Other mistake: In the scene where Mikey, Brand and Mouth are listing the exaggerations Chunk has come up with, Mouth says "And I bet it was even more amazing than the time you ate your weight in Godfather's Pizza." When he gets to the "Godfather's Pizza" bit, it becomes clear that this has been dubbed over the original filmed scene, as his mouth does not match his words in the slightest.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the kids are crossing the wooden bridge near the waterfall, Data is seen holding a lantern. After he does his "slick shoes" routine, the lantern has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: At the end when everyone jumps off the gangplank to escape, between three consecutive shots we see Data and Chunk jump off twice.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are playing the bone-organ to escape, the Fratellis walk across the beam then climb the rocks to get to the room where the Goonies are. In one of the rocks there is a tall metal post sticking up. A shot shows one Fratelli brother stick his hand on this post to pull himself up, but in the next shot the hand is gone and a moment later the Fratellis emerge from the water.

Visible crew/equipment: At the Lighthouse Lounge, when Chunk opens the door and sees the bullet riddled ORV, Chunk's reflection on the back of the vehicle moves to the right, but there is another moving reflection to his left.

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Continuity mistake: When you first see Andy's hands being tied, you can see that they are tied fairly tight. Right before she goes off the plank, you'll see that the rope is barely around one wrist. In the next shot as she is going into the water, you can see her holding her elbows with both her hands. Then when Brand rescues her the rope is secure again. (01:32:40)

Continuity mistake: After Data breaks through the screen door and causes the pile up, the potted plant that was on the table is already lying on the floor in the next shot of Chunk catching the statue, even before it falls and hits the floor. (00:09:00)

Continuity mistake: When the Fratellis leave the County Jail, the first police cruiser which makes the U-turn has a smooth chrome bumper with only a recessed license plate at the center, but when they make the first left turn, that squad car now has a chrome bumper with driving lights at each end and bumper guards on both sides of the license plate. It's funny how when they make the next right turn, the car style actually changes mid-turn, between shots - just before the second police cruiser joins the pursuit. (00:02:25)

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Continuity mistake: In the cave, when Francis Fratelli begins to balance himself on the beam, in the close-up when he shouts, "Don't push, Jake," the flashlight is under his left armpit, but next wideshot he holds the flashlight in his right hand. (01:18:00)

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Continuity mistake: In the attic, after Chunk breaks the frame, in the overhead shot there is a long piece of glass still attached to the frame, but as Mikey and Chunk kneel to lift the frame, that long piece of glass is gone.

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Other mistake: When the Inferno is in the cave the vessel's sails hang or are furled a specific way on the masts, but when the ship sails past the beach the rigging differs significantly. (01:23:45 - 01:47:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Brand turns on the water in the kitchen sink Mouth is sitting on, in the closeup shot it's a very different sink and faucet. There is even a yellow bottle of detergent that isn't there in the wide shot.

Factual error: When Mouth flattens the tires on Brand's bike, all he does to let the air out is take the valve caps off. There's actually a valve in the valve stem that needs to be depressed to let the air out. The cap is just there to keep dirt out of the valve, simply taking it off wouldn't let the air out.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene in the cave where Brand pulls back the rock and the bats fly out, there is a close-up of Mouth with bats flying in front of his face. You can clearly see the wires attached to the bats.

Continuity mistake: When the back of the Fratelli's ORV is riddled with bullet holes, you can see they make a distinctive backwards "L" shape above the Jeep letters. Later, when Chunk examines the ORV, the bullets holes are now in different places than they were before. Also, the license plate that is seen on the ORV when it is hit by the bullets, changes design as well. (00:02:45 - 00:30:30)

Continuity mistake: When Data activates his 'slick shoes' on the log bridge, the heels of the shoes pop open to reveal the 'slick shoes' mechanism which starts spraying oil. In the next shot though, they show Data walking across the log, the heels of the shoes are closed, and the oil squirts out of holes in the back of the heels apparently.


Revealing mistake: When the Fratelli brothers pick up Chunk on the road, the mole on Chunk's face switches sides when he is with the dead guy in the back. The shot is flipped. (00:49:40)

Deliberate mistake: Even if the kids split up on the water slide, only the last two fell out of sequence. Mikey exited first followed by Mouth, and Stef, but then Brand fell before Andy, he should have been last.

Mikey: I swear on my life. They it. A giant it. They got it chained to the wall and when it came into the light it was all gross and distorted and the parts were all mixed around.
Brand: Like your brain right, lame-o? Say good-bye to your little pals.

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Trivia: When Chunk confesses to the Fratellis and starts crying, child actor Jeff Cohen had to think of his mother dying to generate tears.

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