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Revealing mistake: In the scene in the cave where Brand pulls back the rock and the bats fly out, there is a close-up of Mouth with bats flying in front of his face. You can clearly see the wires attached to the bats.

Continuity mistake: When the back of the Fratelli's ORV is riddled with bullet holes, you can see they make a distinctive backwards "L" shape above the Jeep letters. Later, when Chunk examines the ORV, the bullets holes are now in different places than they were before. Also, the license plate that is seen on the ORV when it is hit by the bullets, changes design as well. (00:02:45 - 00:30:30)

Continuity mistake: When Data activates his 'slick shoes' on the log bridge, the heels of the shoes pop open to reveal the 'slick shoes' mechanism which starts spraying oil. In the next shot though, they show Data walking across the log, the heels of the shoes are closed, and the oil squirts out of holes in the back of the heels apparently.


Revealing mistake: When the Fratelli brothers pick up Chunk on the road, the mole on Chunk's face switches sides when he is with the dead guy in the back. The shot is flipped. (00:49:40)

Deliberate mistake: Even if the kids split up on the water slide, only the last two fell out of sequence. Mikey exited first followed by Mouth, and Stef, but then Brand fell before Andy, he should have been last.

Audio problem: When Mouth has just finished his Spanish in the scene 'Mouth in Espanol', you can hear a man's voice saying 'Wow'. Listen very carefully, though, because the man's voice speaks while Mrs. Walsh is speaking.

Revealing mistake: When all of the Goonie kids run upstairs to the attic, they rush past the camera, and you can see the image wobble slightly, as if one of them jostled the cameraman.

Revealing mistake: When Chunk opens the freezer in the Fratelli hideout to get the ice cream, if you look closely at the old dead man he moves his eyes several times between standing upright and falling over, and when he and Chunk are in the freezer together.

Continuity mistake: All the Goonies get soaked while in the Old Moss Garden wishing well, but when they are seen again in another part of the cave they are all dry, and there is not a sign of being soaked.

Other mistake: In the shot of the old guys taking a shower, you can see the outlines of the tiles that are supposed to be smashed when the water regulators withdraw into the wall. (00:50:50)

Audio problem: When they are standing in Mikey's kitchen looking at the map, all you can see is their eyes above the top of the map. Right before it cuts away to the Cyndi Lauper video, the map moves down just enough to see Chunk saying something, but there is no accompanying audio. (00:22:40)


Continuity mistake: Right after Troy is humiliated at the wishing well, the movie cuts to a television food program, with Sloth's reflection visible in it. The problem is that Sloth's face is noticeably different in this reflection than the rest of the film. For instance, his left eye is only a bit lower than his right eye now, instead of it being considerably lower like it usually is.


The Goonies mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Chunk waits for the gate to open after doing the 'truffle shuffle', a red balloon starts to blow up, but next shot it's a pink balloon that pops. (00:07:40)

Other mistake: In the bone organ scene, when Andy plays her first wrong note, you see Mouth in the next shot and he drops down before the floor even collapses.

Continuity mistake: When Mikey takes the skull necklace off Chester Copperpot, he accidentally pulls Chester's skull off his body. When Mikey does this, the skull is still touching the body, just detached and at the wrong angle. But the next shot we see with the skull, when Brand goes to place the skull back on the body, the skull is about a foot away from the body.

Other mistake: When Data puts his tape in the stereo he shuts the thing then the 007 music plays. He doesn't ever push play.

Continuity mistake: During the high speed police pursuit behind the Fratellis, once the second police cruiser pulls behind the first, the squad cars' positions change - in some shots the second police cruiser leads and in some shots the first, just note the different bumpers. (00:02:30)

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Continuity mistake: The design on the face of the treasure map and its two holes change, from the scene where the Goonies are in the attic to when they are downstairs again (i.e. it has a red stripe across it at first sight that disappears). (00:16:35 - 00:22:25)

Continuity mistake: In the shot of the Goonies running to the attic upstairs, you can plainly see that it is not raining or stormy outside. When they enter the attic (barely seconds later), it's already raining outside along with the thunder and lightning. (00:13:40)

Continuity mistake: At the end when the father is about to sign the contract, and right about the part where Rosalita starts screaming in Spanish, the first page of the contract is folded up a little. In the very next shot, all the pages of the contract are flat.


Mikey: I swear on my life. They it. A giant it. They got it chained to the wall and when it came into the light it was all gross and distorted and the parts were all mixed around.
Brand: Like your brain right, lame-o? Say good-bye to your little pals.

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Trivia: In the end where the kids meet up with their family on the beach, Chunk's sister in the movie is actually his real-life sister.

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Question: Heres something I never quite understood. Back in One-eyed Willie's day it seems they were Spanish speaking. What with the Spanish Armada and all. So why is it that the Treasure Map is written in Spanish, but rhymes in English?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: Well, his ship is hidden in America where the people spoke english, so perhaps it was done for the benefit of those who were most likely to find the map. Must have been his idea of a joke.Actually though, I'm betting it was the result of the filmmakers not thinking that through.

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