Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre (2006)

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Corrected entry: Before Esqueleto is being pulled into the hole by the fat lady at the pro wrestler party, he does not have the piece of corn on his hands but when Nacho knocks him he has it.


Correction: I'm watching the movie as I type this. He has the corn in his hand the whole time when he hits him with the guitar.

Corrected entry: When Nacho is on fire and one of the nuns does the shape of the cross on her chest, there is a boom mic in the top centre of the frame. This happens for several frames where the camera is on her.


Correction: What you see in the shots above the nun is a plant on the wall, not a boom mic.

Corrected entry: Nacho is raised in a Mexican orphanage by Mexican monks. So why, as a child, does he have an English Bible in his drawer? It couldn't be from his mother since his mother was a Lutheran missionary and the Catholic monks would regard a Lutheran version of the Bible as heresy.

Correction: Why wouldn't it be from his mother? We don't know all the details of what happened in the past. And a Lutheran Bible would not be considered heresy by Catholics. It is the same Bible with the exception that the Catholic Bible contains the Apocryphal Books. If the Bible was given by his mother, it is likely they would let him keep it as it is one of only a few links to his biological family.

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