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Corrected entry: When the gang go to the police impound to pick up the mercedes. Mirror man goes to the counter for the apparent Volvo, you can see a Gone in 60 seconds poster behind him.

Correction: This isn't a mistake - the titles is based on those posters which are designed to tell people how quickly a car can be stolen if you're not careful. Obviously a police impound is the ideal place to have one stuck up.

Corrected entry: After Toby has been shot and the car is dropped off, Toby is carried out of the car. Hatley Jackson says "Doctor, Private, I know just where to go". Then a minute later Memphis says "Someone should go along with him". Jackson says "I'll take care of him." Doesn't he have to go anyway? He is the only one who knows where this doctor is.

Correction: When Toby is shot and they are gonna go to the doctor, Hatley doesn't say "Someone should go with him", instead he says "If Something should go wrong" intending to tell him to get Kip out of town or something.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, Calitri is looking for Memphis. Memphis falls through the grating(floor) and grabs onto a bar slightly under the floor. All the shots from underneath show him holding the bar. When Calitri walks up and stands right over him, his hands are now up on the grates, after he walks away there back on the bar. (01:51:15)

Correction: His hands stay on the platform throughout. They don't move.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Memphis and his brother are driving back home after seeing Eleanor you can see that the interior of the car is the minivan they had been driving in previous scenes. When they are attacked by some bad guys with guns, the car they shoot to pieces is an old Chevy Malibu. (00:48:42)

Correction: The car they are driving before the gang meets them is the car that gets shot.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Nicholas Cage is backing Eleanor up to ramp over the line of traffic, he backs the car up and almost hits Delroy Lindo. The next shot of the cars, Nicholas Cage it a good 15-20 yards ahead of Delroy. (01:39:00)

Correction: This is a trick with the angles of the camera. His car stays level with a 4x4 in the traffic throughout. The cop cars also stay in the same place.


Corrected entry: When Castlebeck is chasing Raines through town near the end of the movie, after both of them turn down the one way street, they pass by the same early 70's Dodge Charger at least three times.

Correction: I've watched this scene 3 times now and can't see the mistake at all.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Memphis kicks Calitri to save Det. Castelbek from being shot. You can see safety cables attached to Calitri as he falls over the railing. (01:46:58)

Correction: I've just watched this 3 times and I can't see a safety wire even using slow-mo, which the use of would invalidate the mistake anyway.


Corrected entry: On the run up that Nicolas Cage makes to the shot of the police van being smashed through a wall by the bulldozer, the wall is already smashed through when the camera view is at the front of Nicolas' car. Then during the shot of the car passing the wall and the bulldozer, the wall is repaired, and then the next shot is when it is smashed through by the van/bulldozer. I noticed this after viewing the making of feature. (01:33:35)

Correction: The wall is intact the whole time.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Memphis and Sway are about to steal a silver car in front of a house, they are both sitting in a red car. After Sway steals the silver car they go back to the shipping yard to put the cars on the boat. When you see Sway get out of the car it is still silver, but when Memphis gets out of his car it is now purple with a big spoiler. This isn't the same car as before. (01:24:25)

Correction: These are entirely different scenes. Sway steals a Lamborghini Diablo after she and Memphis make out in a red Barracuda. 4 hours later, according to the ticker update on the screen, Sway delivers a Jaguar (silver, but completely different car) and behind her a dark blue or purple 1970 Plymouth Superbird pulls up. She announces two more ladies have been delivered, but as it is four hours later, they are just delivering two more cars. It is assumed the 'Cuda and Lamborghini are already crated up for shipping.

Corrected entry: When Det. Castelbeck is reading the note attached to the evidence analysis form for the blacklight bulb, he says out loud "local hardware store" when the note only says "hardware store" a few seconds earlier. (01:16:23)

Correction: He's assuming it is a local hardware store, since criminals rarely operate too far away from their base of operations.

Corrected entry: On the list is a 1969 Dodge Superbird. There is no such car. Plymouth made a car called the Superbird, but in 1970.

Correction: The Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird were twin vehicles. The Dodge debuted in 1969, and the Superbird in 1970. Both looked pretty much the same to the untrained eye with the huge spoilers and nose wedge at the front. If the characters mistook the year of the Charger Daytona or Superbird, it would be a character mistake, not a movie mistake, besides which, being as the cars are very rare, it's possible they took what they could find on short notice hoping the "customer" would be satisfied with what they got.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the 4.1 liter was mentioned and revved high on the Cadillac,there was so much excitement about engine power when it was blowing the heroin away. This was a 249 cu.in. very small V8 motor designed by Cadillac in the early 80's to improve fuel economy, certainly not for performance. Besides, the heroin was straight down from the bumper where Cage was standing. The exhaust end pipe would have to be pointing straight down at the powder to blow it anywhere.

Correction: Lots of aftermarket tailpipes have a downward curve to them, to make them usable by more than one model of car. Being an early '80's model, it's not likely to have the original muffler and tailpipe, even in sunny CA.

Corrected entry: When Memphis is about to jump over the traffic in the Shelby, the first shot shows the tray of the truck is horizontal. The next shot shows it on an angle. (01:38:37)

Correction: The two shots are not one after another, there's enough time for the flatbed to change position, whether or not a sufficient amount of time is actually shown. In the first shot, you see the ambulance begin to move and someone walk to the side of the flatbed, obviously to operate the controls. In the shot after Cage's close-up, the ambulance has moved further and the flatbed operator begins to walk away, indicating enough time for the bed's movement to have taken place in "real time."

Corrected entry: There is a scene where they are doing TV automotive trivia over the walkie talkies, someone asks "who drove the 1973 Firebird" and someone answers "Jim Rockford", from the show The Rockford Files. The Rockford Files came out in 1974 and the first Firebird that Rockford drove was a 1974 model.

Correction: Not really a movie error, the character just got it wrong.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the movie, Kip and Mirror Man steal a brand-new Porsche. But when they get back to the warehouse, Mirror Man appears to cross off a 300SL/Gullwing (Mercedes-Benz).

Correction: It's possible Mirror Man had stolen the Mercedes 300SL/Gullwing earlier and he or someone else hadn't marked it off.

Corrected entry: When Otto and Memphis are calling around, Otto tries to call Henry Santoro. The lady that answered stated that he went to Florida with Frankie Fish and she wants her money. When the shot goes back Memphis stated that he did not take her money. (Otto should have said this). (00:28:08)

Correction: Memphis says "I didn't take her money" which would mean he was referring to a female. I doubt that Henry Santoro and Frankie Fish are females, which indicates that he was talking to a different person than the lady on the phone.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nic first sees Angelina her hair is straight. She said she had to go to her other job and she is late. Nic goes with her and not only is she wearing a different outfit when she gets to the bar but her hair is done is a complicated style that takes a long time to do. If she is late for work why does she take the time to change her clothes and her hair?

Correction: Knowing that she does her hair and changes her clothes, she could have been late to go get changed for work. And her hair is not that complicated. With practice it wouldn't have been hard to do.


Corrected entry: The 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang (Eleanor) is not a true Shelby in the movie. Rather, it's a 1973 Mach 1 Ford Mustang (according to the official site). Only the motor sounds of a genuine GT500 was used for the movie. The rest are heavily modified Mustangs made to look like a GT500.

Correction: Not true. in the origanal gonne in 60 seconds the car is a heavily modified 73 mach 1, in gone in 60 seconds the remake the car is a gt500.

Corrected entry: When Sway and Memphis are in a car, Sway finds a tube of red lipstick and puts some on. A short time later they get out of the car and her lipstick is back to the colour it was when they first got in the car.

Correction: It wouldn't take long for her to wipe off the lipstick.


Corrected entry: When Memphis is driving Eleanor, being chased by the police, there are two scenes exactly the same when he crosses a little bridge, one at the middle of the chase, and another when he finally gets away.

Correction: Yes, he crosses the same bridge twice because thats the way to the shipyards. The first time he tried to cross it, police were coming at him from the other direction so he had to turn around to try and lose them. Once he loses them, we see him going back over it again, this time with no police so he doesn't have to turn around.


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Continuity mistake: During the first chat between Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie (she's under the car) there are a number of wrenches or tools that can be clearly seen by Jolie's character when she is on the ground. Every time the camera cuts from Jolie to Cage, then back on to Jolie, the tools are always in a different position or place than they were a second ago. First, they are together, then they are far apart, then they are in a different direction, and so on. (00:28:32)

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Freb: You ever feel bad about any of this?
Donny: Hell, no. I'm Robin Hood, man. I rob from the rich and give to the needy.
Freb: You mean the poor.
Donny: No, like I said, the needy. 'Cause brother, we need this car.

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Trivia: When Mirror Man is falsely attempting to get is impounded Volvo back at the impound lot, you can see a garage sign behind him that reads "GONE in 60 seconds."

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Question: Can someone please explain the theory behind Tumbler's "Stranger" move? It's been bugging what he means by it.

Answer: He sits on his hand until it goes numb, and then masturbates. "Stranger" refers to the fact that it feels like someone else is doing the work for you.

Nick N.

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