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Corrected entry: Regarding the theft of the 3 Mercedes, a huge issue is made of the fact that the cars cannot be stolen without the proper keys, which have to come from Germany. So how did the Caan kid get the dealership to order, have shipped and receive the keys within a couple of days? Even with a rush delivery, shipping would be at least overnight, and the keys would need time to be manufactured.

Correction: The keys don't necessarily have to come from Germany. There is likely a warehouse in the US with spare keys already available. It's not likely that Daimler-Benz would only make one key for each car they build. They would have some repetition of codes and keys as there is a limited number of codes available. Besides which, it is possible once you have the proper key to recode it manually. I've done this myself with my Pontiac Grand Prix, and information from the owner's manual. If these guys are as professional as shown, they would only need the proper transponder key, and would likely recode it themselves. Recoding my Grand Prix key took all of about 60 seconds.

They do specifically mention that the keys have to come from Hamburg, which in itself seems bizarre. Even if there weren't keys being stored by Daimler-Benz (at the time the company had a very solid deal with Chrysler), the keys would surely come from the Mercedes Benz HQ in Stuttgart (Southern Germany), not from Hamburg (Northern Germany) where Mercedes only presence is in dealerships.

Corrected entry: When Detective Castelbeck and his partner are searching the warehouse with the UV lights, they find the list of the cars written with the UV reactive ink. When Castelbeck raises his arm the power cable of the UV light can be seen going into his jacket sleeve to a power supply somewhere inside it.

Correction: The cord can be seen in a few other shots during this scene. It appears that they are using standard light fixtures, with UV bulbs, the same fixtures that you can get at any hardware store, ones that require them to be plugged in. Just because they do not show them plugging them in, doesn't mean they are battery operated.

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Corrected entry: When Castlebeck discovers the black light car list, he says that there are only a few cars that they should follow, the rarest ones. He chooses several to watch including a Hummer. When Sphinx and Mirror Man steal the truck and are ramming the police unit, we can see from the badges on the hood and steering wheel that this is actually the Lamborghini LM SUV and not a Hummer. Incidentally, it actually makes quite a bit of sense to pick the Lamborghini as a Hummer in southern California is a relatively widespread vehicle, whereas the Lamborghini is extremely rare.

Correction: It's not the lamborghini as you can easily tell because of the hood-integrated air vents, but instead the civilian model of the Humvee (which is actually strictly for the military), otherwise known as a Hummer (version 1).

Corrected entry: When Memphis is about to jump over the traffic in the Shelby, the first shot shows the tray of the truck is horizontal. The next shot shows it on an angle. (01:38:37)

Correction: The two shots are not one after another, there's enough time for the flatbed to change position, whether or not a sufficient amount of time is actually shown. In the first shot, you see the ambulance begin to move and someone walk to the side of the flatbed, obviously to operate the controls. In the shot after Cage's close-up, the ambulance has moved further and the flatbed operator begins to walk away, indicating enough time for the bed's movement to have taken place in "real time."

Corrected entry: There is a scene where they are doing TV automotive trivia over the walkie talkies, someone asks "who drove the 1973 Firebird" and someone answers "Jim Rockford", from the show The Rockford Files. The Rockford Files came out in 1974 and the first Firebird that Rockford drove was a 1974 model.

Correction: Not really a movie error, the character just got it wrong.

Corrected entry: When Castleback discovers the old list with the black light, they say they will watch a couple of cars that are more rare. They send a unit to watch a Hummer that is on the list. When Sphinx and Mirror Man steal the truck, its actually the Lamborghini SUV not a Hummer at all.

Correction: No, it is a civilian-model Hummer.

Corrected entry: When the Raines brothers are taking refuge in the diner from the black gang, Kip sneaks out and hooks up the BACK of the Mercedes to the cable via the tow hook in the rear frame. When the wrecker leaves, the cable is connected to the FRONT axle which is ripped out.

Correction: Kip actually loops the cable round both axles and attached the tow hook to the rear. So when the wrecker leaves, the cable is tightened and rips out the front axle. If the tow hook was just attached to one place, the car would just be dragged down the road.

Corrected entry: When Memphis has the Mustang 500, he is driving backwards through traffic and a parking garage trying to elude the police. It's been established that the Mustang is a stick shift. Tell me anyone could drive that fast backwards with a stick shift. The reverse gear in manual transmissions is geared VERY short. You would get 10 miles an hour, maximum - with the characteristic gear whine that goes with it. (01:29:54)

Correction: It is true that reverse gear in manual transmissions is short but not shorter than 1st gear. If my regular Civic can hit 50km/h in reverse, I am sure a GT500 (which is much more powerful, therefore with a longer reverse gear and final gear ratio) can hit way more than 10 mph.

Corrected entry: Mirrorman asks why all the cars have girl's names, and Memphis replies by saying, "If you name them girls names, nobody listening on the wire is the wiser." Still, Detective Castlebeck asks Memphis, "Did Eleanor teach you that?", during the chat outside the cafe. If the police are that well informed, would it not be an idea to change the codes?

Correction: Castlebeck would have known about Eleanor because he'd had trouble with Memphis stealing that car before. This does not mean that he knows they use women's names for all the cars. Castlebeck tells Memphis outside the Diner that he regrets not taking him in when he had the chance, therefore implying that he knew about a previous boost. Also, not all of the police knew about Eleanor, proven by Castlebeck's partner not knowing who Eleanor was; therefore the police weren't that well informed about the female name codes.

Even if the police knew that Memphis and team used female code names, it really doesn't do them any good. The idea is that they can use the codes to talk about specific cars without the police knowing which car they are talking about. Saying "I'm picking Daisy" means very little to the cops, as opposed to "I'm picking up the 1982 Cadillac Eldorado." The only one that the police specifically know about is Eleanor being the Shelby GT 500, because they keep using the same name for that specific car (which would be a character mistake, not a movie error).


Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the movie, Kip and Mirror Man steal a brand-new Porsche. But when they get back to the warehouse, Mirror Man appears to cross off a 300SL/Gullwing (Mercedes-Benz).

Correction: It's possible Mirror Man had stolen the Mercedes 300SL/Gullwing earlier and he or someone else hadn't marked it off.

Corrected entry: If Toby could change addresses and registrations on cars the group had to steal, why didn't Memphis get him to change those on cars such as the rare Mercedes or Eleanor?

Correction: The group didn't know that Castlebeck had found the correct addresses on the Mercedes/Eleanor, so they wouldn't have known to have Toby change the registration.

Corrected entry: When Otto and Memphis are calling around, Otto tries to call Henry Santoro. The lady that answered stated that he went to Florida with Frankie Fish and she wants her money. When the shot goes back Memphis stated that he did not take her money. (Otto should have said this). (00:28:08)

Correction: Memphis says "I didn't take her money" which would mean he was referring to a female. I doubt that Henry Santoro and Frankie Fish are females, which indicates that he was talking to a different person than the lady on the phone.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nic first sees Angelina her hair is straight. She said she had to go to her other job and she is late. Nic goes with her and not only is she wearing a different outfit when she gets to the bar but her hair is done is a complicated style that takes a long time to do. If she is late for work why does she take the time to change her clothes and her hair?

Correction: Knowing that she does her hair and changes her clothes, she could have been late to go get changed for work. And her hair is not that complicated. With practice it wouldn't have been hard to do.

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Corrected entry: The 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang (Eleanor) is not a true Shelby in the movie. Rather, it's a 1973 Mach 1 Ford Mustang (according to the official site). Only the motor sounds of a genuine GT500 was used for the movie. The rest are heavily modified Mustangs made to look like a GT500.

Correction: Not true. in the origanal gonne in 60 seconds the car is a heavily modified 73 mach 1, in gone in 60 seconds the remake the car is a gt500.

Corrected entry: When Sway and Memphis are in a car, Sway finds a tube of red lipstick and puts some on. A short time later they get out of the car and her lipstick is back to the colour it was when they first got in the car.

Correction: It wouldn't take long for her to wipe off the lipstick.


Corrected entry: When Memphis is driving Eleanor, being chased by the police, there are two scenes exactly the same when he crosses a little bridge, one at the middle of the chase, and another when he finally gets away.

Correction: Yes, he crosses the same bridge twice because thats the way to the shipyards. The first time he tried to cross it, police were coming at him from the other direction so he had to turn around to try and lose them. Once he loses them, we see him going back over it again, this time with no police so he doesn't have to turn around.


Corrected entry: When Memphis follows Sway to her second job at the bar, she pours a guy a beer. She opens the tap and pours, but never shuts it off. In the next scene it is turned off.

Correction: No, it's not turned off. If you look closely the handle is still down, and it is still filling up the pitcher that she put under it in the previous shot.


Corrected entry: When Memphis first goes to see Otto at the garage, Otto greets him with a very excited 'Hey Nicky'. Shouldn't it have been 'Hey Memphis'?

Correction: He's not saying "Hey Nicky". He's just say an extra long "Heeeeeeey". But the sound editors did a poor job of this sequence. It sounds like Otto doesn't quite finish his previous statement before he starts the "Heeeeeeeey".


Corrected entry: When Memphis is being chased after by the cops (when he is in the Shelby), one of the police officers gets hit by an oncoming bus. If you look just before the collision/impact, there is a shot of the bus approaching - but it should hit the cop car on the left hand side (the side of the driver), yet it actually hits the other side of the car.

Correction: No, the bus is always lined up to hit the cop car on the passenger side, and thats where it hits it, on the passenger side.


Corrected entry: When Detective Castlebeck gets the results back from the lab about the glass shards, the clock on the wall is wrong. It's says 3:15 when it's supposed to be around 6.

Correction: No, the clock is right. It's about 3:15. Castelbeck has to go get some black lights, drive to the warehouse, and then search the warehouse for the list of cars. We then see Kip and Tumbler drive up to the house with the Escalade and the deadline counter is down to 3 hours. That puts it at 5am. Meaning Castlebeck had 1 hour 45 mins. to do all the above. That is an acceptable time table.


Continuity mistake: When Cage's character offers the money for his brother and the brother is in the car about to get crushed, the back window gets broken out twice. (00:15:55)

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Freb: You ever feel bad about any of this?
Donny: Hell, no. I'm Robin Hood, man. I rob from the rich and give to the needy.
Freb: You mean the poor.
Donny: No, like I said, the needy. 'Cause brother, we need this car.

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Trivia: 13 Mustangs from 1967-1968 were modified to be "Eleanor" in the movie. One was a True Shelby GT500, but this was used by Bruckheimer as a reference piece and used by him personally. The rest were run of the mill Mustangs modified with bodykits and other goodies. One was chopped up to film certain sequences (in car shots, etc.), 2 were destroyed, and the other Mustangs were modified to perform certain tasks (Chases, Jumps, etc.).

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