Gone in 60 Seconds

Corrected entry: When Memphis follows Sway to her second job at the bar, she pours a guy a beer. She opens the tap and pours, but never shuts it off. In the next scene it is turned off.

Correction: No, it's not turned off. If you look closely the handle is still down, and it is still filling up the pitcher that she put under it in the previous shot.


Corrected entry: When Memphis first goes to see Otto at the garage, Otto greets him with a very excited 'Hey Nicky'. Shouldn't it have been 'Hey Memphis'?

Correction: He's not saying "Hey Nicky". He's just say an extra long "Heeeeeeey". But the sound editors did a poor job of this sequence. It sounds like Otto doesn't quite finish his previous statement before he starts the "Heeeeeeeey".


Corrected entry: When Memphis is being chased after by the cops (when he is in the Shelby), one of the police officers gets hit by an oncoming bus. If you look just before the collision/impact, there is a shot of the bus approaching - but it should hit the cop car on the left hand side (the side of the driver), yet it actually hits the other side of the car.

Correction: No, the bus is always lined up to hit the cop car on the passenger side, and thats where it hits it, on the passenger side.


Corrected entry: When Detective Castlebeck gets the results back from the lab about the glass shards, the clock on the wall is wrong. It's says 3:15 when it's supposed to be around 6.

Correction: No, the clock is right. It's about 3:15. Castelbeck has to go get some black lights, drive to the warehouse, and then search the warehouse for the list of cars. We then see Kip and Tumbler drive up to the house with the Escalade and the deadline counter is down to 3 hours. That puts it at 5am. Meaning Castlebeck had 1 hour 45 mins. to do all the above. That is an acceptable time table.


Corrected entry: When Memphis and Kip are out "scouting" and taking pictures of the cars, it's dark. Later, when he goes back with Sway to steal the car (but doesn't because the van a few houses down has moved) he looks back at the picture and it looks like it was taken during the daytime.

Correction: The picture just looks like it was taken during the day because they're driving under a street light. If you wait a couple seconds, they pull out from under the street light, and the picture looks like it should... taken at night.


Continuity mistake: When Cage's character offers the money for his brother and the brother is in the car about to get crushed, the back window gets broken out twice. (00:15:55)

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Memphis: The ladies are dirty. Walk away. The ladies are dirty.

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Trivia: When Nick Cage is getting into an argument with the black gang, Vinnie Jones comes in and saves the day. He does his signature move once given to Paul Gascoigne in a football match. He slams his hand down, grabs the guy's balls and lifts up. I'd truly hate to piss him off. The pic of the football game is on his website. (00:33:16)

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Question: Can anyone tell me the name of the song played while Sway and Memphis are sitting in the car waiting for the couple in the window to get it on?

Answer: It's called 'Painted On My Heart' by The Cult.

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