Gone in 60 Seconds

Corrected entry: When the group enters the Ferrari warehouse, all of the cars they need to steal are lined up in a single row and they are right in front of the garage door. Likely? Not really.

Correction: When they first get to the warehouse the cars are not all lined up in a single row and right in front of the door. Once they jump started the cars, they moved them there to wait for the garage door to open, so they could all get out together as quickly as possible.


Another possibility is that when Memphis was talking to the dealer, he arranged to have the specific cars shown to him the next day (he specifically asks what all is int he warehouse). The dealer could have taken the time later int he day to get them ready for showing, all lined up and ready to go.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film when Memphis drives away in the old car both brake lights come on when it cuts to the rear shot, but when Sway gets in the car it cuts back to the rear and this time only one brake light comes on.

Correction: Brakes lights do burn out from time to time. Especially in old junker cars, like the one Memphis drives out with.


Corrected entry: When Memphis and Kip are out "scouting" and taking pictures of the cars, it's dark. Later, when he goes back with Sway to steal the car (but doesn't because the van a few houses down has moved) he looks back at the picture and it looks like it was taken during the daytime.

Correction: The picture just looks like it was taken during the day because they're driving under a street light. If you wait a couple seconds, they pull out from under the street light, and the picture looks like it should... taken at night.


Corrected entry: When the gang go to the police impound to pick up the mercedes. Mirror man goes to the counter for the apparent Volvo, you can see a Gone in 60 seconds poster behind him.

Correction: This isn't a mistake - the titles is based on those posters which are designed to tell people how quickly a car can be stolen if you're not careful. Obviously a police impound is the ideal place to have one stuck up.

Corrected entry: After Toby has been shot and the car is dropped off, Toby is carried out of the car. Hatley Jackson says "Doctor, Private, I know just where to go". Then a minute later Memphis says "Someone should go along with him". Jackson says "I'll take care of him." Doesn't he have to go anyway? He is the only one who knows where this doctor is.

Correction: When Toby is shot and they are gonna go to the doctor, Hatley doesn't say "Someone should go with him", instead he says "If Something should go wrong" intending to tell him to get Kip out of town or something.

Continuity mistake: When Cage's character offers the money for his brother and the brother is in the car about to get crushed, the back window gets broken out twice. (00:15:55)

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Memphis: I just stole fifty cars in one night! I'm a little tired, little wired, and I think I deserve a little appreciation.

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Trivia: 13 Mustangs from 1967-1968 were modified to be "Eleanor" in the movie. One was a True Shelby GT500, but this was used by Bruckheimer as a reference piece and used by him personally. The rest were run of the mill Mustangs modified with bodykits and other goodies. One was chopped up to film certain sequences (in car shots, etc.), 2 were destroyed, and the other Mustangs were modified to perform certain tasks (Chases, Jumps, etc.).

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