Gone in 60 Seconds

Gone in Sixty Seconds is about automobile aficionado Randall "Memphis" Raines, a car thief of legendary proportion. No fancy lock or alarm could stop him; your car would be there, and then suddenly gone in 60 seconds. For years, Memphis eluded the law while boosting every make and model imaginable. When the heat became too intense, he abandoned his life of crime and left everything and everyone he loved to find a different life. Now, when his kid brother Kip tries to follow in his footsteps, only to become dangerously embroiled in a high stakes caper where something goes wrong, Memphis is sucked back into his old ways-in order to save his brother's life from the stolen-car broker Raymond Vincent Calitri whose nickname is "The Carpenter" due to he's good at making caskets after he kills people for their failures. In order to prevent Kip's death, Randall must reassemble his team and steal 50 exotic cars and have them on a container ship in a few days in 72 hours. It will be tough with Raymond threatening to kill Kip in the car crusher with him in the car and the police unit GRAB after Randall and and Randall's old rival wanting to work for Raymond, to pull off the impossible.

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