Clerks 2

Trivia: When Dante and Emma are out side she says "Face it, Tiger, You've hit the jackpot." This same line was said in The Amazing Spiderman 42 when readers first saw the face of Mary Jane, Peter Parker's love.

Trivia: In the movie Jay wears T-shirt with picture of Jesus from Dogma - "Buddy Christ".

Trivia: The customer that's a fan of The Lord of the Rings is wearing a Trainwreck t-shirt. This isn't a reference to the web spots that were done for the movie, but to the band he plays in.

Trivia: In the scene where Jay and Silent Bob first re-visit their old hangout spot outside of the video store, a poster on the left side of the screen says "Nails - Got Nails?" and has a picture of an X-Rayed stomach with nails in it. This poster was also used in the train scene from Dogma after Silent Bob throws Loki and Bartleby from the train. (01:29:50)

Trivia: The number on the fire truck that shows up during the donkey show is 37, a number that's significant from the first Clerks film.

Trivia: Reportedly, the scene in which the "Lord of the Rings" geek mocked the acting of Hayden Christensen in the "Star Wars" prequels caused a minor controversy at Skywalker Ranch, where the movie was mixed. Christensen saw an early internet-exclusive teaser-trailer and evidently didn't understand that the scene wasn't actually mocking him, but was instead mocking petty fan-rivalries. Feeling that Kevin Smith was trying to exclusively mock and make fun of him, he reportedly called Skywalker Ranch and Lucasfilm in an attempt to get George Lucas to sue director Kevin Smith/Mirimax to have the scene cut. Smith had to email Christensen and explain directly that in the final film, it would be clear that the scene wasn't actually mocking him in order to have the matter dropped.

Trivia: For some time, Kevin Smith was adamant that he would not do a direct sequel to "Clerks", feeling the first film said everything that needed to be said. Finally, during production of "Dogma", he settled on an idea for a sequel that he titled "Clerks II: Hardly Clerkin'." However, he soon after once again dropped the idea, instead opting to make "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" while no longer pursuing a "Clerks" sequel. It wasn't until a few years later that he once again decided to make "Clerks II", which was then to be titled "The Passion of the Clerks." However, this title was met with some backlash, as fans felt it sounded too "gimmicky." Thus, Smith re-titled the film "Clerks II" and finally went into production.

Trivia: Not a mistake, but something to notice. As Jay puts the Jackson 5 tape in the boom box, he has difficulty putting it in. As he keeps doing this, you can see Jason Mewes smile. It's not a mistake for Jay to smile, but it's worth pointing out.

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Continuity mistake: You can't even see inside because of all the smoke (fog) when Dante pulls up to Moobies after he went looking for Becky. But 90% of the smoke (fog) is gone as soon as he walks in the door. You can *easily* see outside the windows in the rest of the shots. There's not nearly enough time for the smoke (fog) to evaporate.

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Randal Graves: Emma, are you like this 'cause you have an unnaturally large clit?
Emma: You just *had* to tell him, didn't ya?
Dante Hicks: It kinda came out one day!
Randal Graves: He says it's so big it's almost like a little cock, which says all kinds of weird things about him that I don't even wanna think about.

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