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Continuity mistake: You can't even see inside because of all the smoke (fog) when Dante pulls up to Moobies after he went looking for Becky. But 90% of the smoke (fog) is gone as soon as he walks in the door. You can *easily* see outside the windows in the rest of the shots. There's not nearly enough time for the smoke (fog) to evaporate.

Nick Bylsma

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Dante and Randall are talking in the car, when Dante says "I'm really going to miss you," you can see a piece of gum on the dashboard in front of him that was not there in any previous shot. This is due to deleted footage where Randall stuck the gum there.

Continuity mistake: When the customer who likes Lord of the Rings comes in, keep an eye on the top of the cash register he and Elias are at. The cows on top disappear and reappear throughout the scene.


Continuity mistake: During the opening sequence where Dante and Randal are driving to Mooby's, Randal has his right arm on the window with his hand touching the roof. There is a dark spot on his hand that appears and disappears throughout the scene.


Continuity mistake: Becky is holding the bottle of nail polish by the sides of the lid, bottle parallel to her hand, when she first holds it out to Dante (over her shoulder shot). The next shot is from in front of her and she's holding it by the very top of the lid, hand above the bottle. It's a quick shot change and she doesn't have enough time to re-position her grip, yet she does, and she didn't just rotate her hand, her fingers move a good inch up the side of the lid.

Nick Bylsma

Factual error: Dante's last day seems to be in the fall season, judging by the amount of leaves on the road when he and Randal drive back from the Go-Karts. One of the last scenes is of all four of them outside the just re-opened Quick Stop and you can see that Becky is very much pregnant (at least 5 months) but the season is still the same (look at the trees). There should be snow on the ground in NJ at that time (Jan-Feb), or at least it would be cold enough to wear a coat and see your breath.

Nick Bylsma

Continuity mistake: When Randal is talking to Elias, before he sings "Let me help you out of your chair, Grandma." he pulls the speaker mic. up to his mouth twice.

Continuity mistake: In the first scene between Dante and Becky, she picks up her coffee cup. She takes a sip of it and lowers it below the desk. Next shot, it is above the desk and she is lowering it onto the desk.


Continuity mistake: Becky's bra strap and shirt strap gap in the front and meet in the back during the scene where she's asking Dante if he's afraid to get married (most easily viewed during the over-her-shoulder shots). The straps align and are on top of each other when she leans forward when Dante tells her that he can't dance. All subsequent over-her-shoulder shots still have the straps in the same position as before she leaned forward.

Nick Bylsma

Continuity mistake: When Becky is looking at the ring near the end, in one shot she is moving her hand, but in the next shot, it is perfectly still.

Revealing mistake: When the Quickstop burns down in the beginning, you can easily tell the fire has been added with computer graphics, as it appears very flat, and some even has a slight blue haze around the outside, where a little bit of the blue screen "bled through."

Continuity mistake: When Dante is sitting on the firetruck in the opening scene, after witnessing the burning of the Quickstop, you can see the same 2 firemen walking by him in the wide shot, and then immediately again in the closeup. (You can tell easily tell, as one is holding what I think is an axe.).

Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene as Dante and Randall are driving past fast food restaurants on their way to work, they pass McDonald's, but a couple seconds later, McDonald's is ahead of them.

Factual error: Mountains are visible in the background during the go-kart scenes, giving away the fact that this movie was filmed in California rather than New Jersey where it is set.


Dante: I love you, Becky.
Becky: I'm pregnant, Dante.

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Trivia: The customer that's a fan of The Lord of the Rings is wearing a Trainwreck t-shirt. This isn't a reference to the web spots that were done for the movie, but to the band he plays in.

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Chosen answer: Randall is telling him that the ending of the film would have been better if Frodo and Sam had had gay sex. This image grossed the guy out to the point he puked.

Grumpy Scot

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