Crash (2004)

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Farhad (The Persian) thinks Daniel (The Mexican) looted his store, so he grabs his gun and goes to Daniel's house. He threatens to shoot Daniel and Daniel's daughter runs outside to protect him because she has the invisible cape. She jumps into Daniel's arms and Farhad shoots her. It turns out that the bullets were blanks and the family goes inside and Farhad is left to think what he did. Peter (Larenz Tate) and Anthony (Ludacris) try jacking Cameron's (Terrence Howard) truck. Peter is left behind as Cameron and Anthony speed off. They are cornered by police. Cameron is finally fed up with the prejudice he sees and steps outside and tries to get shot. Officer Hanson recognizes Cameron and orders the officers to put down their guns and forces Cameron back into the truck. Cameron drops Anthony off. Peter tries to get a lift later and Officer Hanson picks him up (off-duty). As they're driving, Peter notices the statue of St. Christopher that he carries along at starts to laugh. Thinking that Peter is laughing at him, Officer Hanson orders him out. As Peter goes to grab the statue, Hanson thinks it's a gun and shoots Peter. He sees what he was really reaching for and freaks out. He dumps his body at the side of the road and burns the car. We end with the beginning, where Det. Waters investigates the crime scene. We find out that in fact Peter was his brother. Anthony ends up riding the bus but gets out when he sees the Chinaman's truck, keys still in the lock. When he takes it to the chop shop, they find out there's a bunch of Asian immigrants in the back. Georgie offers 500 apiece for the immigrants, and we cut away. When it returns, we see Anthony dropping the immigrants in Chinatown, and giving them some money.


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When the little girl runs out to save his father with the "invisible cloak", her mother runs towards the door and it is closed, the shot changes to the street with the girl running, and the door is now open but her mother is yet reach it.



With this film, along with Million Dollar Baby, Paul Haggis became the first screenwriter to write back-to-back Best Picture Oscar winners.