Continuity mistake: When the little girl runs out to save his father with the "invisible cloak", her mother runs towards the door and it is closed, the shot changes to the street with the girl running, and the door is now open but her mother is yet reach it.

Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning of the scene where Sandra Bullock is lying in bed talking to her maid, you can see the shadow of the boom on the pillow. It is not there very long, the shadow moves out of the scene quickly, but long enough to notice.

Factual error: A key plot point hinges on the Iraqi fellow believing he has shot someone but caused no harm. A brief shot of the bullets he has loaded his revolver with reveals that they are black powder blanks. Such blanks produce large clouds of white smoke when fired (indeed, they are used specifically to produce that effect in movies), but the shooting scene shows no smoke at all.

Revealing mistake: When Daniel (the locksmith) goes home, the lamp next to his daughter's bed is on. After he finally tucks her in, he puts his finger on the light switch on the wall, but it is already in the "off" position. He doesn't flip the switch in either direction, but you hear an audible click, and the lights go out as if the lamp was controlled by the switch. (00:30:02)


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene where Det. Graham Waters examines the shoe, he moves the lace with his pen. But at the end of the film when we see the same shot again, he prods and moves the whole shoe rather than just the lace.

Audio problem: When the two friends run over the Chinaman and they discuss over it, you can hear them, but not see them, say, "Man this is so f***ed up" "No s**t". The background sound is clean as opposed to the live one, and the voices sound totally different to that of the actors. Furthermore, in a brief shot of the guy in a yellow jacket is seen, and he is not mouthing the words.

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