Crash (2004)

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Corrected entry: When Matt Dillon is one the phone talking with Shaniqua about his fathers HMO. The stripes on his uniform are sergeant stripes, but he is a patrolmen.

willy martinez

Correction: In LAPD, a sergeant-1 (with three stipes) is considered a field supervisor. A lieutenant has the billet of watch commander. That is why Matt Dillion is in the field. He may also be acting as a field training officer, which is why he has a partner. Or, the shift may be low on cars, causing the field supervisor to "double-up", which is not uncommon. A sergeant-2 (with four stripes) has more of an administrative job, to include watch commander if needed.

Corrected entry: The keys played in the piano are different from the notes been played, and the piano tuning is lower than standard.



Correction: This is true, but the piano is simply out of tune - many old pianos are! It's not really a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the end of the movie a noticeable amount of snow is falling, but snow hasn't fallen in Los Angeles since 1962. It simply doesn't happen.

Correction: It's not snow, it's ash from the burning car the guy is standing next to.

Corrected entry: When Officer Hanson and Peter are discussing country music right before Hanson shoots Peter, the country music station gives the call letters KYHE. No such station exits, in LA or anywhere else.

Correction: So what? This is not a documentary but a piece of fiction; as such, it is free to use nonexistent company/product names.




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