Four Brothers

Victor Sweet, the man who runs the underworld of Detroit, issued the hit on the brothers' mother when she started asking too many questions. When the brothers hunt down everyone involved, Victor sends thug after thug to kill them. Jeremiah meets Victor Sweet to buy a pardon. In exchange for $400,000, Victor Sweet will no longer try to kill Jeremiah or his family. But Jeremiah isn't naive, he knows Victor would sooner kill him and take the money. So prior to the meeting he arranges to pay his "mistreated" henchman the money. They turn on Victor and Bobby appears out of the fog and boxes Victor. Bobby knocks Victor out and they throw him into the hole in the surface of the frozen river. Angel deceives crooked cop Detective Fowler into thinking that his confession has been recorded. When Fowler starts firing at the other cops, a SWAT member shoots him in the heart.

Sam Mazaheri

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