Four Brothers

Four Brothers (2005)

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Corrected entry: As Bobby interrupts the basketball game, Jerry leaves Bobby, but is by him in the next shot.

Correction: When Bobby interrupts the game, we see Jerry standing next to Jackie on the side lines. When the players grab Bobby we see a shot of Jackie and Jerry, where Jerry starts to walk to the center court where Bobby is. When Bobby pulls out his gun and the players clear out, it goes to an aerial shot and you can see Jerry walk into the frame with Bobby.

Corrected entry: Jerry's SUV hits the van head first, but was parked the other way round in the drive.

Correction: The drive is to the side, almost at the back of the house, so his car would be far enough out of the way to reverse out of the drive, and then be facing the road in front of the house to hit the van. You even see Jerry start the car and appear to pull out of the drive minutes before you see him drive into the van.

Kayleigh Green

Corrected entry: During the car chase, Jack's hair alternates from spiked/flat between shots.

Correction: It was flat throughout the whole scene.


Corrected entry: During the car chase there's a heavy snowstorm. In one shot, though, it's not snowing.

Correction: Sorry. I saw one heck of a blizzard throughout the entire car chase scene.


Corrected entry: The insurance man states the life insurance benefit is "$400,000" and several times it is mentioned as "$400,000". The check that Jeremiah Mercer cashes (deposits) is for $405,000.

Correction: He said that it is a little over $400,000. $5,000 isn't really that much when you are talking about figures in the hundreds of thousands. He, and the other characters were simply rounding the number down.


Corrected entry: The insurance man advises that he is from "State Farm Insurance", but the check that is deposited later says "Mutual State Insurance".

Correction: An insurance company may have different subsidiaries with different names, that are licensed to operate under those names in different states; this is not unheard of.

Super Grover Premium member

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