Four Brothers

Continuity mistake: The chain saw on the block of ice switches ice blocks more than once.

Continuity mistake: After the kids tells Bobby the lights go off at ten, his watch swaps wrists.

Continuity mistake: As Bobby drives in the opening credits the snow on the driver's side window changes.

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Trivia: Director John Singleton can be seen briefly as the goalie in the Thanksgiving hockey game. (00:19:35)


Gang Leader: That shit was counterfit as a mother-fucker, man! Ain't nobody playing no basketball when that shit went down! Why you think the cops ain't arrest nobody?
Bobby: How do you know nobody was playing basketball if you weren't there?
Gang Leader: Because, bitch, the police said those people wasn't kill till 11 o'clock.
Bobby: So what?
Gang Leader: So they turn the court lights out at ten.

Jeremiah: Mom always said, as bright as Bobby is, he just doesn't like to think.

Bobby: Why don't you just tell me what you know, Angel?
Angel: I know you need to stay your ass on that porcelain. This is gonna require a little finesse. And given your prior reputation as a hothead, you'll be the first one to fuck it up.
Bobby: I wrote the fucking book on finesse! You just wait for me to wipe my ass, Angel. I'm coming with you. Angel... Get me some fucking toilet paper, Jack.

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Question: This seems like a stupid question, but is Jack really gay, or are they all teasing him? I'm just a little curious as to whether there's a deleted scene or something on the special DVD which clarifies that point.

Chosen answer: They are just teasing him, like all good brothers do.


Answer: Yes he actually is gay and the other brothers tease him but as more of a loving way.

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