Four Brothers

Continuity mistake: The chain saw on the block of ice switches ice blocks more than once.

Continuity mistake: After the kids tells Bobby the lights go off at ten, his watch swaps wrists.

Continuity mistake: As Bobby drives in the opening credits the snow on the driver's side window changes.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Green confronts Fowler in the bar where Fowler is playing pool by himself, pay attention to his second to last shot. He shoots a soft shot into the corner pocket. The cue ball ends up very close to the rail. The camera cuts away, and when it cuts back, the cue ball is in a different location.

Continuity mistake: Bobby says his mother died at age 62. Her tombstone reads 1939 - 2004.

Continuity mistake: At the bar, Jerry's hand is alternately on the table/off of the table holding a glass.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film on the Frozen Lake Bobby is driving in the black SUV. We see many shots of the SUV moving towards the group of men. It is clear that there are no tire tracks in front of the SUV. When we see a close up of the SUV driving "at us" you can see tire tracks in front of the SUV. Most likely made by the vehicle with the camera on it.

Frank Scialdone

Revealing mistake: After the car chase, the authorities are seen carrying away two body bags that are clearly empty. The men show no strain at all in carrying the bodies, and the bags even look empty. But if they were, they'd just be folded up and taken by one person.


Continuity mistake: When Jerry and Angel wrestle in the living room, the position of the little yellow chips Angel was throwing change. For example: when they're still on their feet there are none on Angel's chair, but several on the floor in front of it, but when the brothers tackle each other to the floor, there is one on his chair but none in front of it. (00:15:50)

Continuity mistake: When Fowler sinks the black ball at the pool bar, the shot from the pocket shows the cue ball stop dead just before the pocket. Then from the shot of next to Green, the cue ball has disappeared.


Continuity mistake: When they chase Damien into his apartment he reaches under a mattress or something and grabs a pistol and chambers a round. The pistol is dark on the slide. When he is repelling down and shooting back the pistol is chrome. When Angel picks it up when they go down to talk to him it's not the same gun.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the brothers are looking at pictures of Evelyn on the camera, Jack follows Bobby into the kitchen just before the close up of Jerry. However, in the next shot Jack is back standing by the chair and exits the room again.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the shootout where Jack is killed, Bobby dives into the house to escape the gunfire. You can see the solid brick wall shift like cardboard when he hits it. (01:12:05)


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Gang Leader: That shit was counterfit as a mother-fucker, man! Ain't nobody playing no basketball when that shit went down! Why you think the cops ain't arrest nobody?
Bobby: How do you know nobody was playing basketball if you weren't there?
Gang Leader: Because, bitch, the police said those people wasn't kill till 11 o'clock.
Bobby: So what?
Gang Leader: So they turn the court lights out at ten.



Director John Singleton can be seen briefly as the goalie in the Thanksgiving hockey game.