Friday (1995)

15 continuity mistakes

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Directed by: F. Gary Gray

Starring: Ice Cube, Nia Long, Chris Tucker

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Continuity mistake: When Deebo is riding his bike to Craig's house the first time, one shot shows Deebo nearly on the driveway. Just then Smokey and Craig remove all their valuables. If this were true, Deebo should have seen these. But then in another shot, Deebo's bike is shown just coming onto the driveway. In that amount of time, Deebo should have been further up the driveway.

Continuity mistake: When Craig (Ice Cube) reaches up to the cabinet to get out a container to make Kool-Aid in, he closes it because he sees Big Worm's head talking to him (he's high), then opens it again, then closes it without taking out the Kool-Aid container. Then the scene switches to Smokey (Chris Tucker), then back to Craig, who is now holding the Kool-Aid container. It looks like he got it out of nowhere.

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Suggested correction: He's not holding the Kool-Aid pitcher, he's holding the sugar bowl.

This mistake is valid. Craig is holding the pitcher after closing the door without grabbing it, not a sugar bowl. Even if he's holding a sugar bowl, he's never seen grabbing anything after closing the door.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Craig and Deebo are fighting, Craig hits Deebo with a board and then throws it down. A second later the shot changes and Craig has the board in his hand again and drops it.

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Suggested correction: Actually he doesn't throw the board. When he hits Deebo the board breaks in half and the top half goes flying. The bottom half is still in Craig's hand, which he drops in the next shot.

The mistake is valid. The board does not break and after Craig drops it, he wraps his arms around Deebo and you see he's not holding anything.


Continuity mistake: The clothes that Mr. Parker throws out on the lawn change positions from when he first threw them out to when Ezal takes clothes from the pile. (01:03:17)


Continuity mistake: When Mr. Parker finds the preacher with his wife, the preacher runs up to his car, takes off his hat, throws it into the car, and then jumps into the car to drive away. The camera angle changes to a rear view and you now see the preacher drving away with his hat on. (00:33:31)


Continuity mistake: When Mr. Parker is seen throwing his wife's clothes on the lawn, he is seen throwing the yellow dress down twice. (01:02:44)


Continuity mistake: When Big Worm first talks to Smokey, he finishes talking and raises the rear of his car to drive off. The camera angle changes and you see the rear of his car being raised again before he drives off. (00:12:32)


Continuity mistake: When Big Worm calls Smokey to the ice cream truck you see Smokey pushing 2 kids out of the way to get to the truck but when the camera angle changes you now see Smokey pushing more kids before he gets to the truck. (00:46:58)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the midget is shown throwing his wife's clothing on the lawn, you see him pick up a yellow dress and raise it in the air to throw it down, when the camera cuts you see a different garment being thrown down.

Continuity mistake: When Hector almost hits the Pastor who is crossing the street to see Mrs.Parker, you see Hector calmly driving the car and when the camera angles changes to a close-up you see him hitting the brakes and rising off the seat, but when the camera angle changes to a wide shot again you see him just calmly driving the car to a slow stop. (00:28:35)


Continuity mistake: When Red leaves Craig's house after Deebo takes his chain, you see him running to the car and then you hear his car alarm being de-activated but he doesn't have his keys in his hands, only sunglasses. (01:00:52)


Continuity mistake: In the radio that Craig and Smokey have outside is a tape in there but it is gray at first, after Felisha leaves it's white.

Continuity mistake: When Craig's father calls Craig into his room, he asks Craig to hand him the TV Guide, which happens to be very close to his dad before Craig enters the room. After he enters, the TV Guide is at a different spot, further away from his dad.

Continuity mistake: When Craig's dad is telling him that he has a choice between using a gun or his hands for protection, Craig raises his hands to just below his chin. The camera angle changes twice and you see his hands raised above his chin and then back below his chin. (00:57:58)


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Craig and Smokey are enjoying a joint, one shot shows the joint almost entirely smoked, then the next shot shows it barely lit.

Audio problem: When Smokey is spanking the boy who knocks over the trash cans with his belt, notice he only spanks him a few times yet the sound of the spanks is double the actual amount.

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Trivia: When Craig is talking to his girlfriend on the phone and she asks who he "went to the show with", you can see a guy lying in her bed in a pair of Dicky's pants.

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Question: What is the name of the song on the TV in Craig's house?

Answer: "Today was a good day", or possibly "Hittin' Corners".

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