Visible crew/equipment: When Craig and Smokey are chasing Little Chris for the first time you can see the shadow of the camera on Chris' right hand.

Visible crew/equipment: When Craig has to take the trash out look at the roof of his house, there's a person trying to hide from the camera.

Visible crew/equipment: Near the start, when Craig, Dana and Mrs Jones are round the table, when Dana is sorting her stuff out on the table, keep an eye on the bottom left corner of the screen on the floor. In the hallway there is a shadow. This is definitely not Dana's shadow because the shadow does not match her movements.

Visible crew/equipment: When Smokey and Craig are chasing the kid that always knocks over their trash cans, in the front view of the kid's bike you can actually see the crewmember's shadows, over the front of the bike.

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