Friday (1995)

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Directed by: F. Gary Gray

Starring: Ice Cube, Nia Long, Chris Tucker

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Trivia: When Craig is talking to his girlfriend on the phone and she asks who he "went to the show with", you can see a guy lying in her bed in a pair of Dicky's pants.

Trivia: In the flashback scene where Red is about to get knocked out by Deebo, you can see Michael Clarke Duncan kneeling next to Deebo rolling dice. He was uncredited in the film.

T Poston

Trivia: The janitor in the store is F.Gary Gray (Director of the movie).

Trivia: The neighborhood where the film takes place is the same street where the film's director, F. Gary Gray, grew up in South Central, Los Angeles. Principal houses that were used for filming were houses of old friends of the director. The scene where Deebo punches Red into the air is the house that F. Gary Gray grew up in.

Trivia: Something odd, in the TV version at the very beginning, you see two kids - one later knocks over the trash cans - sitting on the sidewalk and you see the crackhead running by with a stereo speaker under his arm and the kids talk about how he tried to steal from their houses, none of this is on the DVD, not even in deleted scenes.

Trivia: In the flashback scene when Smokey is smoking weed with Hector and his friend there is a man sitting on a chair in the background. This man is a person who said that the film makers couldn't tell him what to do on his own property. The film makers were going to compensate him by giving him a walk on role in the film but he turned it down.

Continuity mistake: When Deebo is riding his bike to Craig's house the first time, one shot shows Deebo nearly on the driveway. Just then Smokey and Craig remove all their valuables. If this were true, Deebo should have seen these. But then in another shot, Deebo's bike is shown just coming onto the driveway. In that amount of time, Deebo should have been further up the driveway.

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Smokey: You got knocked the fuck out.

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Question: What is the name of the song on the TV in Craig's house?

Answer: "Today was a good day", or possibly "Hittin' Corners".

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