Freddy Got Fingered

Continuity mistake: When Gord receives his car in the beginning of the movie the sky looks really dark, and the ground is wet as if it were raining, and in a couple of shots of Freddy it looks as if it is raining in the background, yet in the previous and following scenes it is bright and sunny.

Continuity mistake: When Betty is testing her rocket wheelchair she is parked in front of some white lines, when Gordy pulls up, the lines aren't there.


Continuity mistake: In the scene in the offices of RadioHead animations, Gord is holding a large envelope package. He is also given a note which gives the name of a restaurant that Dave Davidson is eating at. Watch the note and the envelope switch hands MANY times in the scenes.

Continuity mistake: Gord builds his halfpipe and it shows it completed, then later in the movie, it shows the outside of the house with the speed increased and it shows a partially complete halfpipe.

Continuity mistake: When Gord's father is outside hooking his truck's winch up to his skateboarding ramp he pulls out of the driveway but at the angle he starts driving it would be impossible for it to be hooked up properly.

Continuity mistake: This error occurs when Tom finds a deer on the side of the road, slices it open, and wears its skin as a suit. After he is dancing with it on, he gets hit by the big truck. Now, if you look closely, when he gets hit, one of his shoes fall off, but when the camera gets closer to him lying on the ground, he has both shoes on his feet. (00:17:00)

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Trivia: Not a mistake, just something to notice. When Freddy is watching TV just before the doctor comes, he is watching an operation. I believe, but am not totally sure, that the operation is that of Tom Green's (Gord) that was aired on MTV.

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