Freddy Got Fingered

Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

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Gord Brody(Tom Green)finally makes a winning cartoon animation called,"Zebras in America" (a cartoon about a half zebra,half human family living in America).Gord gets paid alot for his animation and can now move out of his parents house.He tells Betty how much he cares about her.Betty gets her rocket wheelchair to finally work,after working on it for a long time.Gord's mom,Julie,leaves his dad and she remarries.Gord's brother,Freddy,is in an adoption clinic place because he was believed to have been abused physically by his dad(the lie Gord told a psychiatrist and hence the title)and the reason Mrs.Brody left the dad.

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This error occurs when Tom finds a deer on the side of the road, slices it open, and wears its skin as a suit. After he is dancing with it on, he gets hit by the big truck. Now, if you look closely, when he gets hit, one of his shoes fall off, but when the camera gets closer to him lying on the ground, he has both shoes on his feet.



Tom Green made history by becoming the first performer to receive a worst actor Raspberry award in person (for "Freddy Got Fingered"). These awards are seen as a humorous alternative to the Oscars, and award the worst film, actor, etc. The film won five "Razzies."