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Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

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Corrected entry: When Jim is going to destroy Gordo's half-pipe, his truck approaches the ramp. They show the truck hitting and jumping through the ramp twice. (00:48:50)


Correction: This is done on purpose with the editing of the film, just like it shows Tom doing the same slide three times when going through the mall.


Corrected entry: When Gordon is hammering nails into his skate ramp late at night, he uses a nail gun sporadically and leaves quite a few nails that are half sticking out of the surface, but when he skates on it afterwards, there are no ill effects of those nails at all.

Correction: There were ill effects from the sticking out nails. The nails were the cause of Gords friends leg injury which was pretty ill.

Corrected entry: When Gord's friend drops in on his halfpipe and falls, the skateboard flies over to the steps of his house. Then in the scene where it shoes his friend's broken leg, Gord is holding the skateboard. Then Gord's dad comes out, picks up the skateboard (which is on the steps), and throws it at him.

Correction: Gord's friend's skateboard did go over the steps and his Dad did throw it back. But the skateboard that Gord was holding was his own.

Continuity mistake: This error occurs when Tom finds a deer on the side of the road, slices it open, and wears its skin as a suit. After he is dancing with it on, he gets hit by the big truck. Now, if you look closely, when he gets hit, one of his shoes fall off, but when the camera gets closer to him lying on the ground, he has both shoes on his feet. (00:17:00)

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Gord Brody: You can't hurt me, not with my cheese helmet.

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Trivia: Tom Green made history by becoming the first performer to receive a worst actor Raspberry award in person (for "Freddy Got Fingered"). These awards are seen as a humorous alternative to the Oscars, and award the worst film, actor, etc. The film won five "Razzies."

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