The Upside Of Anger

Continuity mistake: When Terry is driving to see Denny, there is a shot from inside her car where the rear-view mirror is not attached. The next scene in which she is driving to Terry's, her rear-view mirror is mounted on the windshield.

Continuity mistake: The morning Joan Allen is making lunch for her daughters, all three girls go out wearing full winter gear: gloves, scarves, hats, heavy coats. A scene later, that same morning, Joan Allen is outside and the trees and grass are completely green, as if it were summer - no hint of anything remotely related to winter.

Continuity mistake: When Terry comes out of the shower and sees Denny first her towel is just put in front. Soon after, it's wrapped all the way around her.

Continuity mistake: When Joan Allen brings a cleaning crew to clean Kevin Costner's home, the large male cleaning man, standing behind Joan at the door, moves from left to right each time the shot returns to the doorway.

Continuity mistake: When Terry and Emily? are having a discussion (at a window) there is a boom-box or other piece of electronic equipment to the right of the window. In subsequent shots during the conversation the equipment has mysteriously disappeared. Also, the on-air light at the radio station is continuously lit. The on-air light indicates a live microphone and should be "off" when the microphone is off. You would think those in the entertainment industry would know this.

Wayne C.

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