The Upside Of Anger

Continuity mistake: When Terry is driving to see Denny, there is a shot from inside her car where the rear-view mirror is not attached. The next scene in which she is driving to Terry's, her rear-view mirror is mounted on the windshield.

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Continuity mistake: The morning Joan Allen is making lunch for her daughters, all three girls go out wearing full winter gear: gloves, scarves, hats, heavy coats. A scene later, that same morning, Joan Allen is outside and the trees and grass are completely green, as if it were summer - no hint of anything remotely related to winter.

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Continuity mistake: When Terry comes out of the shower and sees Denny first her towel is just put in front. Soon after, it's wrapped all the way around her.

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Trivia: While the radio station (101 WRIF) and the DJ, Arthur P are real in the Detroit area, Arthur's show is depicted as starting in the late morning after Denny's show (10-11am). In reality, Arthur P's show has had the 3pm time slot for the past 35 years - something the Detroit resident/writer/director, Mike Binder, would know.

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