The Upside Of Anger

Corrected entry: A big deal is made in the movie of how the daughter Hadley has returned from college with a fiance and pregnant. Yet we never see Hadley come full term in her pregnancy and there is no sign of a baby or a miscarriage, before the comment later in the movie, when at a family dinner she announces she is pregnant "again".

Correction: Just to clarify, if you listen carefully at that dinner scene, when Hadley is standing up talking she says something like, "We have the babysitter tonight for the baby." The reference is made to them having the night off from the baby, so there is a sign of the baby she had. Additionally, it is unnecessary to show her at full term onscreen.

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Hadley Wolfmeyer: What kind of a dickhead runs away with his secretary? That is lame, take a right, make a left at pathetic.



When Terry is driving to see Denny, there is a shot from inside her car where the rear-view mirror is not attached. The next scene in which she is driving to Terry's, her rear-view mirror is mounted on the windshield.



While the radio station (101 WRIF) and the DJ, Arthur P are real in the Detroit area, Arthur's show is depicted as starting in the late morning after Denny's show (10-11am). In reality, Arthur P's show has had the 3pm time slot for the past 35 years - something the Detroit resident/writer/director, Mike Binder, would know.