A Few Good Men

Corrected entry: When Danny and Sam go to visit Jo for the first time for the briefing about the case, Danny gets up to leave and walks out quickly, and exits to the right. Sam is still talking to Jo about "being careful down there." If you concentrate to the doorway, you can see Danny pass by the door again because he turned the wrong way.

Correction: Character mistake, not an editing mistake.

Corrected entry: Danny's hypothesis that Santiago had a coronary condition that was missed by the doctor is flawed. Any such condition would be detected at autopsy.

Correction: The hypothesis is that the condition was missed during Santiago's regular examinations, given while he was still alive. Nothing in the scene indicates that the doctor failed to detect the condition at autopsy. Since there is a cover-up underway it makes sense that the doctor would alter the autopsy report (as he did when he stated the cause of death to be poison) and omit anything that would undermine his "conclusion" that Dawson and Downey poisoned Santiago.

Corrected entry: Private Santiago is killed on September 5th or 6th. Let's say it takes a week to ten days before they go to court. That's about September 15th. The trial starts three weeks later. That's October 6th. A few days later is when Jo screws up in court, and Danny says they should take the night off, because they've been working non stop for three and a half weeks. So now it's about October 10th. That same night, Danny is watching a baseball game, and the Twins are playing the Orioles. At the time the movie was filmed, there was just one round of playoffs before the World Series, so the Series would have already begun by October 10th. Both the Twins and the Orioles are in the American League, so they couldn't have been playing each other then.

Correction: Danny may very well be watching a recording of a game between the Twins and the Orioles. My dad is a major Green Bay Packer fan and has tons of their games on tape.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie two Air Force service men enter the courtroom and are announced as upcoming witnesses as they were working the ground crew at Andrews Air Force Base on the night in question. Potential witnesses are never allowed into a courtroom before they testify.

Correction: The original mistake is correct. At the end Danny tells Jack that the witnesses WERE going to testify that they saw nothing. Even if he is exaggerating, they were witnesses and as such should not have been in the court room.

Correction: Caffey had no intention of using these men as witnesses, so the fact that they were in the courtroom is a sign of this. He only used their presence to scare Col. Jessup.

Corrected entry: After Dr. Stone's testimony concludes, Captain Ross advises the Judge that the prosecution rests. The Judge then states that the case will began at 10:00 am on Monday the 19th, at which time the defense will call its first witness. When court resumes on the 19th, and both Ross and Kaffey are questioning Barnes, the clock on the wall indicates it's shortly after 3:30 PM - over five hours after this court session was supposed to begin.

Brittle Fingers

Correction: It's days later. The clock could be wrong, or there were some unforeseeable delays that got them a late start. The audience doesn't have to be told what the delays were.


Corrected entry: The man who Demi Moore (Jo) first addresses the case to, and tells her she's "too important at her current assignment" also plays a Naval lawyer of high rank on the TV show Jag.

Correction: Not really trivia. Many actors play the same kind of role in different shows like good guy or bad guy.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, Caffey is constantly being warned not to accuse Col. Jessup because he could get into trouble. This is totally wrong and the opposite of the aim of the military justice system. Any and all personnel are subject to the law and their rank or connections never come before that. Unless Danny is in contempt in court, he has every right to question and even accuse a ranking officer, especially considering a young man under Jessop's command is dead.

Correction: They weren't telling him not to accuse Jessop because it's illegal, they were doing it to protect him. Col. Jessop is an extremely powerful man with deep connections and if Caffey went after him in court and failed then Jessop would ruin his career. They were telling him not to go after him unless he was sure he could get him.


Correction: He's not being told not to accuse Jessup. He's being told not to accuse Jessup without any basis in fact. He's basically being told not to make unreasonable accusations just to try and get his clients off.


They didn't say don't accuse Jessup. Joanne Galloway told him to only accuse Jessup of ordering the code red if he feels that Colonel Jessup would admit to ordering the code red. In other words he's being told don't accuse Colonel Jessup with a baseless accusation that he ordered the code red, only accuse him if he has facts that substantiate the accusation. No reason Santiago should be transferred off the base if Jessup's orders are always followed and he ordered that Santiago wasn't to be touched, so Santiago being in grave danger doesn't make sense. Colonel Jessup contradicted himself.

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Character mistake: Lt. Caffey (Tom Cruise) wants the two marines to plead guilty and take a deal because he doesn't want the to "spend the rest of their lives in Leavenworth (prison)." The United States Disciplinary Barracks is indeed located in Leavenworth, Kansas. And the US Army and US Air Force send convicted felons there to do their time. However, Marines and members of the United States Navy are sent to Portsmouth Naval Prison in New Hampshire. It is run by the Marines.


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Suggested correction: It's perfectly within character that Caffey wouldn't know this. He's been in the navy a short time, never tried a case in a courtroom, and is generally uninterested in military protocol.

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Lt. Daniel Kaffee: My client is a moron. That's not against the law.

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Trivia: Maud Winchester, who plays Aunt Jenny, is the sister-in-law of Rob Reiner, the film's director.

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Answer: It's something done to one trooper in a unit who is not pulling his load, to let him know his teammates are tired of him making them look bad. It can range from a beating after lights out to scrubbing a soldier who won't shower with toilet brushes and Comet. (And yes, both of those are from my own military experience, though I wasn't the victim!) It's meant to give a warning and doesn't normally harm anything but the victim's pride. They are strongly against regulations in the past year or two as several soldiers were injured by their unit getting overzealous, just like in the movie.

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