Sin City

Plot hole: At the end, Hartigan races out to the Roark Farm to save Nancy, where he takes out two guards quietly, with a switchblade knife. As he dispatches the second guard, we see the ruthless cannibal killer Kevin just yards away, inside the house, reading. Hartigan then makes a blunder, starts rushing, and he is shot by a third guard. Hartigan kills the third and a fourth guard with two handgun shots. Obvious question: With three gunshots in rapid succession just outside the remote house, why didn't the hyper-alert and agile Kevin come out and rip Hartigan to shreds? No, the generic contention that "Kevin wasn't concerned with Roark's son" is not an answer. When Marv infiltrated and attacked the Roark compound (twice), Kevin immediately engaged Marv. In both instances, Kevin responded to attacks on the compound without even knowing who was attacking. But Kevin completely ignores Hartigan's attack, which seems like a plot hole.

Charles Austin Miller

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