Sin City

Audio problem: When Bruce Willis is in hospital with an IV and nasal oxygen, we can hear the sounds of a respirator - the air going in, the respirator filling with air - but no respirator is present, and Bruce isn't sharing his room with someone else.


Audio problem: When Dwight deduces that there is a spy among the girls in Old Town, there is a noticeable shift in the audio when he says "But first we gotta get our hands on Jackie Boy's head before it gets to wherever it's going and this whole situation blows wide open." The last three words of the line sound like they were re-dubbed.

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Dwight: I can't tell if Miho is alive or dead, but I'm on my feet and every ounce of me wants to get some killing done.



When Nancy is dancing, she is alternately wearing/not wearing gloves between shots.



Because everything was shot against a green screen, some bits of colour proved difficult. Yellow Bastard especially was hard, as yellow bleeds into the green screen and can't be separated cleanly. To get around this, Robert Rodriguez painted him blue, then turned him yellow in post production.