Sin City
Sin City mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Nancy is dancing, she is alternately wearing/not wearing gloves between shots.

Sin City mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Lucille throws the pills to Marv, he catches it with his left hand (while holding a cigarette in his right hand). The shot changes immediately to a close up on the pills in Marv's right hand. Then in the next shot Marv takes the pills, but has to take the cigarette out of his mouth first.

Sin City mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The blood on Marv's chin appears and disappears when he's being interrogated by Wendy and the girls.

Continuity mistake: When Marv is interrogating the priest, in one of the cuts, his finger goes from being above the trigger, to being right on the trigger.

Continuity mistake: When Marv and Wendy are driving to the farm to take out Goldie's killer, Marv is smoking a cigarette, and it's in his mouth, but when the camera cuts to a close up of their faces, the cigarette is in his hand.

Continuity mistake: The amount of cigarette burned up in the scene with Marv and Lucille in the bathroom, changes several times.

Continuity mistake: Dwight is tossed into the tar pits and submerged. In the next shot however, his head is back above the tar, and his face is fairly clean.

Continuity mistake: While Dwight is searching Jackie Boy's corpse, the blood around him changes once or twice. It goes from no blood, to some blood, to no blood, to a whole giant puddle full.

Continuity mistake: When the female Irish assassin sees Jackie Boy's dead body, in the first shot she is starting to grab the window of the car, but in the next shot, her hand is no longer holding onto it.

Continuity mistake: The amount of blood spewing from Jackie Boy's arm, after his hand is cut off, changes between shots, just before Miho kills his friends.

Continuity mistake: After Jackie has sat down on the swastika-formed throwing weapon, he is shown crawling on the ground. The swastika is then shown sticking out of his buttock in a horizontal position to his thigh. When he is leaning against the trash can, the swastika is shown again, but this time it sticks out pointing downwards (in relation to his thigh), at a 90 degree angle from it's original position. The points on the blade would have kept it from twisting in the wound, and Jackie did no movements that would cause it to twist.


Continuity mistake: When Yellow Bastards "weapon" is taken away, the position of his head changes between several shots. He goes from looking at Hartigan to leaning back screaming between some of the shots.

Continuity mistake: When Lucille says: "Settle down Marv, take another pill" her head goes from being slanted in the previous shot to being straight up.

Continuity mistake: When Yellow Bastard is giving his "Recognize my voice?" speech, whilst pinning Hartigan's face to the floor with his foot, you can tell from his eye line in the first shot that he is a fair distance from Hartigan, nowhere near close enough to have his foot pressed into his face. Yet in the next shot, the foot is in frame, pressing Hartigan's face, as though Yellow Bastard is standing right next to him.

Continuity mistake: When Marv jumps off the top floor of the hotel and grabs onto a rail and then jumps over it to dodge the bullets, if you watch closely, when he lands you can see that the shot is actually made out of two separate shots blended together. Watch carefully as he leans forward after the land, he's closer to the camera in the second shot and his movement is not perfectly synced to the previous one. (00:14:50)

Continuity mistake: When Hartigan is being beaten before going to jail, there is a close-up of his face. There is a five-inch long, one-inch wide rip in his right cheek. Even though he has scars already on his forehead, this damage just disappears afterward.

Continuity mistake: When Yellow Bastard is holding Nancy inside the farm, squaring off with Hartigan, the arm holding the knife keeps changing its distance from Nancy, shot to shot.

Continuity mistake: When Manute grabs Gail from behind, the table next to her and the phone in her hand suddenly disappear.

Continuity mistake: When Marv pulls back the top of "Gladys" (his gun) in his old bedroom, the top is suddenly shut in the next shot. (Extended Edition DVD).

Continuity mistake: In the bathroom scene, as Marv stands up, Lucille's arm (holding the cigarette) goes from pointed up in the air to being down by her side, between shots.

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