Sin City

Corrected entry: From the time the Irish mercenaries cut off Jackie Boys head to the final moment it is blown to pieces, the amount of gore and tissue dangling out keeps changing in length and quantity. (01:12:25 - 01:21:15)

Correction: This head had flown from a car, fallen into the sewer and was stuffed with explosives. Of course the amount of stuff would change.

Corrected entry: When Jackie Boy says "Who is he?" to Shelly, his mouth is not moving at all.

Correction: It's entirely possible to say "Who is he?" without moving your mouth.

Corrected entry: When the girls of Old Town interrogate Marv Wendy says: "What did you do with Goldie and the other 6?" referring to the severed heads on the wall in Kevin's basement; except there were only 5 heads on the wall, so where's girl No.6?

Correction: There are several possibly explanations here. Goldie got the number wrong, the sixth girl didn't go missing because of Kevin, or her head simply hadn't been hung up on the wall for whatever reason.


Corrected entry: When Miho stabs her swords into the car, there is a delay between shots of her stabbing down and the blades coming through the roof of the car.

Correction: Yes there is a delay, but it is entirely intentional. It is within standard convention for a movie to repeat, especially action shots, from different angles or different perspectives.


Corrected entry: After Marv finds Goldie dead, you can see him putting a cigarette up to his mouth in one shot, but before the cigarette actually touches his lips, it cuts to another shot where he is holding the cigarette and breathing out smoke. He never even had a chance to inhale.

Correction: This can easily be explained as a stylistic choice of shooting.

Corrected entry: When we see Dwight during the first part of the movie, and he talks about Marv, he looks exactly like he does later on. The problem is that this story takes place before Dwight got his plastic surgery, so his face should be totally different. While this could be considered a simple comic-book discrepancy, it will become a problem, because this scene will also be in "Sin City 2", during Dwight's storyline, so we will see the same scene, with two different looking Dwights.

Correction: Up to this point Sin City 2 is not even in the state of pre-production. Therefore nobody knows for sure how (or even if) Dwight's storyline will be integrated in that movie. A POSSIBLE plot discrepancy to a planned sequel can hardly be called a movie mistake of Sin City.

Corrected entry: When Miho slices Jackie Boy's throat, and you see blood splatter over her face, if you go through frame-by-frame you can see her eyes are either digital or partially digital, because they "stretch" closed/open rather than actually blink. (Bad CGI effect.).

Correction: To quote the submission guidelines - "if something requires slow motion to spot, chances are it's not a valid mistake, but there are exceptions. For example, a cameraman in shot for a few frames or something else fairly major is worth listing, but a tiny change in position or set wobble that's only noticeable by slowing the shot down won't be listed. Minor mistakes have their place on this site, but they must be noticeable in regular viewing." Please read them in future.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The scar on Hartigan's forehead keeps changing from one of 4 repaired cuts (like a plus sign +) to one of 5 (like a starfish.).

Correction: No, but what does happen is that the visibility of the 5th scar changes, depending on the light and Hartigan's level of activity - the color of his skin will change dependent on the blood flow.


Corrected entry: When the cop tells Dwight he pulled him over for a busted tail light, Look at the back of the car before cop pulls in back of him. Both lights look fine. (01:09:55 - 01:11:40)

Correction: The cop was looking for a payoff, but decided not to pursue it once he saw Dwight and figured he had no chance. It would hardly be the first time a cop has pulled someone over on a fake charge.


Corrected entry: A brief shot of Marv after he has been scratched by Kevin is flipped, the scratches run from bottom right to top left, instead of bottom left to top right as they do when he received them.

Correction: This has already been corrected. Marv gets slashed both ways; it is the lighting and camera angles that sometimes makes it seem like the wounds only go one way.


Corrected entry: In the scene after Marv and his parole officer escape the cell, the huge slashes across his face change sides. In the long shots they are going from left to right, but close up the are going right to left.

mandy gasson

Correction: I thought so too, but when I looked a little closer I could see that Marv has slashes going in both directions on his face, in a cross-pattern. The lighting and camera angles sometimes make it seem like the slashes only go in one direction, but they are all there.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Marv is getting beaten up by Wendy and Gail while tied to the chair, the blood on his face is constantly disappearing and re appearing. Especially visible is a huge smear of blood on his chin which just vanishes in mid cut.

Correction: It may seem like that but it is incorrect, it is the camera shots/angles that make it seem that blood is disappearing and reappearing.

Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis collapses in the beginning, he pulls his gun and stands up. As he does so, you can see a very visible cut where he whips the gun out. It looks like there was some material cut from the shot, because it certainly wasn't done for style.

Correction: Do you know what the filmmaker's "style" intentions were? And how is this a mistake?

Corrected entry: There is no blood on the message attached to the arrow that is shot through the thug.

Correction: Many times when an object pierces the body/skin, especially very quickly, it will not have blood on it unless it hit a blood vessel. Even when you cut yourself it doesn't bleed immediately unless you hit a vein/artery. It takes a second or so for blood to start escaping from the capillaries, etc.


Corrected entry: Bob shoots Hartigan 8 times with his 6-shot revolver.

Correction: There are revolvers that can hold more than 6 bullets. Some can even hold up to ten. It is possible Bob had one of these weapons.

Corrected entry: After Hartigan kills Junior, there is plenty of visible blood on his jacket. However, when he and Nancy get back to her car, the blood has disappeared. He couldn't have changed jackets because there is still a bullet hole in the right sleeve where a guard shot him.

Correction: Like in a couple of other scenes, color appears and disappears, so the blood would not be noticeably visible. It's just part of the unique coloring effects.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Marv has just killed two hitmen outside Kadie's and walks away, the shadow on the ground is directed towards the camera, but still he has a silhouette shadow on the wall behind him with no connection to his body at all.

Correction: This is not impossible. In a city there are multiple light sources from different directions, which would account for this effect.

John Elwen

Corrected entry: When we first see Dwight in the apartment, his shoes are bright red. When Brittany Murphy's character sticks her head out of the window to see Dwight standing on the ledge, the shoes are back to black and white. When the camera angle switches, the shoes are red again.

Mark Bernhard

Correction: This is just an effect used for the movie - sometimes blood is red, sometimes it's white.


Corrected entry: Marv wakes up to find Goldie dead 'without a mark on her.' How did he know she was murdered?

Correction: When he woke up, Marv noticed she wasn't breathing and probably took a pulse. Since a previously-healthy young woman was suddenly dead, he assumed, correctly, that she was murdered.


Corrected entry: It is stated that Hartigan could smell the Yellow Bastard's blood and him whenever he's near and that it's a very powerful smell. So why didn't he detect him in the back seat of the car on the way to the hotel?

Correction: Hartigan CAN smell him, but he thinks it's from the blood he touched, which is still on him.


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