Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Factual error: Bridget appears to be making her first parachute jump. The mistake is that she would not be permitted under UK law to make her first jump the way she does. She would either have to jump with a static line attached to the aircraft, which opens her parachute automatically. Or if she took an accelerated free fall course, she could free fall but she would do so with two instructors jumping with her to steady her and open her chute if she panicked.

Plot hole: Bridget is wearing a shirt from Mrs. Darcy (the line about Mark's mother's taste in shirts, which is said while showing BOTH shirts, definitely suggests that - her idea of cuteness for a couple, I guess), which doesn't make sense because the first movie ended on New Year's Eve (we know that because Shazzer and the rest of the gang were taking Bridget to Paris that night to celebrate the New Year, but Bridget ended up with Mark - unless the movie take place a year later, which it doesn't, it takes place the next day). Consequently, there is no way Mrs. Darcy would have known about Bridget and Mark in time to get her a shirt too and offer it to her. Mark couldn't have brought it to Bridget, because she arrives alone at her mother's New Year's Day turkey curry buffet; Mark is already there, wearing the shirt his mother gave him, which suggests they split ways that morning, after their first night together.


Continuity mistake: In the fountain fight towards the end when the camera cuts back and forward, to and from Darcy, his shirt is buttoned differently each time.


Continuity mistake: When Bridget's parents pick her up at the airport and all three are in the elevator, Bridget and her father are both about to take a drag off their cigarettes. In the next shot, the cigarettes are nowhere in sight. (01:22:35)

Continuity mistake: Bridget comes back from the Law Society dinner late at night; it is dark outside. Yet when she comes back home and passes by the stained glass window in her apartment, plenty of light is coming through it. (This shot has been cut from the DVD release.)


Deliberate mistake: When Bridget lands in the pigsty, the crew members are outside the sty, around three metres from her. Yet when we see the repeated shot of her buttocks in the studio, it is filmed as if she had landed on the camera or very close to it, and at an angle that would preclude it being a close zoom.


Factual error: Darcy is apparently a barrister - I think we found that out in the first movie and there are references in this one to wigs etc. Only barristers wear wigs. In at least two places in the film D'Arcy is referred to as having "partners" as if he were a partner in a firm of solicitors (for our non-UK readers, the UK still has a split legal profession: barristers who are for the most part specialist advocates and wear wigs, and solicitors). Barristers do not work together in partnerships, each of them is a sole practitioner, but they do share office space in a set of chambers where they also share other expenses, rent, clerical assistance. Once they have made their contribution to expenses, their earnings are their own.

Nigel Pond

Continuity mistake: When Bridget is in the Thailand prison she is taken out of the cell into another caged area to speak with Mark. As she throws her cigarette out of the cell you can see a line of girls being directed into a cell. After a few minutes of talking to Mark, near the end of the line of girls, a guard is standing next to a girl in a skirt with what looks like yellow sleeves. The camera cuts to Mark, then back to Bridget and the girl walks by again. Later in this scene two guards walk past the same spot behind Bridget twice.

Factual error: When Darcy meets Bridget in prison, she has long and perfectly clean nails - hardly likely in a prison environment.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel and Mark are talking to each other after fighting in the fountain, the front of Daniel's hair changes in every shot.

Continuity mistake: When Bridget and Mark leave the dinner party at her parents house it is dark and the car headlights are on. When the scene cuts to inside the car where they are talking, it is light outside. Finally an exterior shot shows the car in daylight.

Colin Patrick

Factual error: On New Years Eve (practically the last dying seconds of the movie) Bridget says she is 33. She is actually now 34, as in both films her birthday is Nov 9th. In film one she turned 33 on that date, so really, now, she turned 34 a month ago.

Continuity mistake: When Bridget is on drugs in Thailand, she swims in the water and Daniel Cleaver calls out to her from the sand. The level of wetness on his pants changes, it goes from barely past his ankle to just under his knee and back again.

Continuity mistake: At Bridget's mother's party, Bridget sees her perverted uncle coming toward her, holding a glass of wine in each hand. The shot cuts and as she passes, her uncle grabs her butt. Where did the glass of wine go?

Continuity mistake: In the first movie, Bridget's building is standing mostly alone, with no other buildings very close to it (see the first full shot of it: there's nothing on its sides). Yet in this one, we can see several times that there are a lot of tall buildings all around. Same building, different setting.


Continuity mistake: The part in the middle of the movie where Bridget Jones is texting Mark Darcy that she already misses him, he walks behind her and says, "I miss you too." She is wearing a grey wool outfit jacket and skirt. But when she gets to the office, she is wearing a black cotton-looking skirt.


Character mistake: The final deciding question at the Law Society quiz is "what was Madonna's first UK single?" Bridget says it was "Lucky Star" but the quizmaster says that is wrong. Rebecca says it was "Holiday" and the quizmaster says that is right and announces that her team have won. The only problem is that "Holiday" was not Madonna's first UK single either, her first UK single was "Everybody", released in December 1982.

Mark Darcy: Hello?
Bridget Jones: It's me. Just wondered how you are.
Mark Darcy: I'm fine thanks. Everything all right with you?
Bridget Jones: Fine, though, er, I've just had a rather graphic shag flashback. You do have a genuinely gorgeous bottom.
Mark Darcy: Right, well, thank you. I'm actually with the Mexican Ambassador just at the moment and the Head of Amnesty International and the Under Secretary for Trade and Industry and you're on speakerphone.
Bridget Jones: Oh, right.

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Question: Given that in the book she's lusting after Colin Firth, but the films star Colin Firth as someone else, does anyone know for sure what's being done? Is it someone acting the part of Colin Firth, or will it be another celebrity playing themselves? Given filming's probably finished by now, there must be a definitive answer...

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: While there were rumours that a different celebrity was to be used - George Clooney was mooted - according to Renee Zellweger, that sequence is not in the film.

Tailkinker Premium member

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