Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Corrected entry: After Mark Darcy and Bridget have broken up, Bridget comes home to her flat and we see her looking across London, and the camera pans across to show Mark walking the streets. However, rather than wearing the clothes we just saw him in - suit and white open collared shirt - he is now wearing a blue shirt and tie.

Correction: It doesn't take place immediately after. Bridget is also wearing different clothes. It's presumably either later in the evening or a different day, giving them both plenty of time to change.

Nikki Yates

Corrected entry: When Bridget is skiing down the hill, she is meant to have no idea how to ski but she is doing a snow plough which means she must have had some sort of idea of how to ski.

Correction: A snow plough turn can very plausibly be accidentally executed by a novice such as Bridget. It's one of the basics of skiing, and commonly depicted in movies and TV.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Bridget first came into the conference room, she was carrying a purse with her. When she and Darcy come out however, the purse is gone - and even after she goes back into the room and out again, she still doesn't have it.


Correction: You can see her purse on the conference table in front of where Mark was sitting (even though we never see her place it there).

Corrected entry: When Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are having their big fight, Hugh runs around the pond, and there is no gate around the pond. Later, Colin drags Hugh into the water, they both flip over a short black gate that came out of nowhere.

Correction: They are two completely different ponds.

Corrected entry: On the plane, Shazzer opens the front cover of her book "The Beach" twice. (00:53:00)

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Correction: Actually, she is fluttered that Jed (thinking he is so gorgeous and all) is reading the same book. She wants his attention and by opening the book twice, and flashing the cover at him, she is making a point to Jed to try and impress him.

Corrected entry: How did the film crew come to be right beside the pig sty Bridget parachutes into? It would not have been her intended target. She would have been aiming at a target on an airfield which is where the film crew would have set up. They would not have had time to jump into their van, follow her and get set up again. When she lands in the pig sty you can't even see an airfield in any direction.

Correction: Why assume she would jump onto an airfield? Most experienced skydivers don't, let alone an obviously rank amatuer. Her target was the farmer's field, with the camera crew simply running to the specific area she landed-unfortunately, a pigsty.

Corrected entry: Bridget is with Mark at a ski resort somewhere in Europe and visits a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy testing kit. In an attempt to make the situation humorous the shop assistants speak no English and can't understand what she is asking for. At a European ski resort populated with tourists, it is virtually inconceivable that not one of the shop assistants in a pharmacy spoke at least some limited English.

Correction: True, but if they were ski-ing in an Eastern European country such as Romania or Bulgaria it is quite common for people there not to speak any English, as I found out when I was ski-ing there. Also,not many tourists request pregnancy testing kits either on holiday, so the English for that may not be recognised.


Corrected entry: In Thailand, when Bridget and Cleaver are on Cleaver's balcony doing some stargazing, Cleaver points into the sky and tells Bridget about Orion's Belt. After he drops his arm the camera then looks over his shoulder into a cloud-filled sky, hardly conducive to astronomy.

Correction: They weren't actually stargazing- it was just a plan by Cleaver to get Jones into his room. We can see this when he is tying to think of more names for stars.

Corrected entry: Bridget gets into a taxi and asks for "Inns of Court." The problem is there are four Inns of Court and she doesn't specify which one. Not only this, but the driver drops her at a location which isn't at one of the four Inns either.

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Correction: Right after she says this, she has the driver bring her to her apartment to change, so she could have given him another destination after changing her clothes.

Corrected entry: When Bridget is talking to Mark about prison in Thailand she says that she was imprisoned over smuggling cocaine. Thailand doesn't produce cocaine, that comes from Latin America. No one smuggles cocaine out of Thailand. Virtually all cases similar to Bridget's involve heroin.

Correction: Bridget doesn't know a thing about drugs. She's probably like me and wouldn't know the difference between the two and keep confusing them, especially being as nervous as she is about her situation.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bridget lands at Heathrow International Airport on her return from Thailand (you can tell it's Heathrow from the tag on her case), as she comes through to greet her parents, through the window you can see London including the London Eye. Heathrow is very approximately 15 miles from the centre of London so this would be impossible to see.

Correction: The image in the background is just a painting, the London Eye cannot be seen moving in the shot.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver are fighting in the fountain, Daniel Cleaver makes a comment about drowning in 16 'inches' of water, however in the UK the most common unit of liquid measurement would be centimeters.

Correction: The UK is a strange place when it comes to units of measurement. We officially changed from Imperial (inches, miles, pints, gallons) to Metric (centimetres, metres, kilometres, litres) in February 1971. But... I was born in July 1971 (after Colin Firth and Hugh Grant) and I would probably say 'inches of water' in this case, even though I scuba dive in 'metres of water'. I also order a 'pint of beer, or milk' but 'litres of cola'. Someone is 'five feet, eleven inches tall', but we run the '100 metres' race. Our official road speed limits are measure in miles an hour, not kilometres. Basically, in a colloquial manner (conversation between two British people, as in this case) both would be understandable. The book was written by a Brit, the actors are both British, Richard Curtis the screenwriter is a famous Londoner (Notting Hill, for one), so I reckon there is nothing wrong with what they said.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Bridget and Mark Darcy are leaving her flat one morning, Bridget is wearing a grey skirt and jacket. However, when she gets to her work, she is wearing a black skirt.

Correction: That's because it's not the same day. When she's in the black skirt, it's supposed to be later on in the week.

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