Continuity mistake: In the first Bridget Jones book, quite early on Bridget attends a tea party for her godson Harry's birthday (Magda's son). However, in The Edge of Reason Magda's children change completely. During the second chapter Magda goes out with the girls who mistakenly think she is still pregnant, Magda states 'I had her five weeks ago' meaning she had a baby girl in late December. But later on in chapter 8 when Bridget looks after Magda's children for the day, the children are referred to as Constance (who is nearly 3) Harry (who is nearly 1 - despite having had a birthday in the first book) and the baby who is referred to as a 'him'. Also, if the baby had been born late December, it would have meant she either had a very short pregnancy or somehow gave birth to Harry in the summer whilst pregnant with the baby due in December.

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