Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Factual error: Bridget appears to be making her first parachute jump. The mistake is that she would not be permitted under UK law to make her first jump the way she does. She would either have to jump with a static line attached to the aircraft, which opens her parachute automatically. Or if she took an accelerated free fall course, she could free fall but she would do so with two instructors jumping with her to steady her and open her chute if she panicked.

Factual error: When Darcy meets Bridget in prison, she has long and perfectly clean nails - hardly likely in a prison environment.

Factual error: On New Years Eve (practically the last dying seconds of the movie) Bridget says she is 33. She is actually now 34, as in both films her birthday is Nov 9th. In film one she turned 33 on that date, so really, now, she turned 34 a month ago.

Factual error: Darcy is apparently a barrister - I think we found that out in the first movie and there are references in this one to wigs etc. Only barristers wear wigs. In at least two places in the film D'Arcy is referred to as having "partners" as if he were a partner in a firm of solicitors (for our non-UK readers, the UK still has a split legal profession: barristers who are for the most part specialist advocates and wear wigs, and solicitors). Barristers do not work together in partnerships, each of them is a sole practitioner, but they do share office space in a set of chambers where they also share other expenses, rent, clerical assistance. Once they have made their contribution to expenses, their earnings are their own.

Nigel Pond

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